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  • Wordpress bog help/advice please


    Last night I photographed myself butchering a rabbit (a normal Friday night then!). I want to do a pretty thorough blog post on it, but they are graphic pictures. My blog shows each new post in full on the front page; does any here use Wordpress and know how to change just *one* post so that you have to click e.g. on the title to read it?

    I know there are many bloodthirsty carnivores out there, but even they might appreciate the warning!


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    Oh dear. The thread title should of course be "Wordpress bLog...."


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      S'ok, I worked it out...kinda!

      Shameless plug alert: !


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        i dont know if you saw this, but there's a button that makes a cut in your entries:

        when you insert that into your post, everything below the cut will be hidden.

        if that's what you did for you post, then nevermind

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          Great blog post! I'm sending to my hubby...he wants to get in to raising some buns...mostly for the hounds, but also for us. I'm sure our dogs would rather chase, catch and eat them all on their own, but it's probably best for all concerned if we take care of the prepping. LOL
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            Batty - that's not what I found, but that makes more sense! Thanks!

            Kennelmom - hope it proves useful. I'm sure I don't do it "by the book" but it seems to work... and I thought it would be good to show an imperfect carcass rather than a "pretty" one IYSWIM? Bruised meat can look scary but is usually fine


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              I had a look and thought the font size was tiny and when I clicked on a bunny to see the big version the image was huge. 3000 x 4000 pixels is massive.
              The content and directions are great though, well done.
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                I can't seem to find settings to tweak in the "gallery" (which is what the small pics and instructions are set up as).

                The monstrously huge images - are they useful that big to see detail, or just annoying?


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                  If you insert the image and then click back on it, you can pull up a second window and resize the images by percentage.

                  Nice blog, let me know if you have more questions, i'm a Wordpress developer.


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                    Hmm. I've inserted the whole lot as a gallery, so in the edit page all I see is "[gallery link="file" columns="1"]". No way to change gallery settings? In the "Insert" menu (where you upload pics etc) I tried clicking medium / large on the radio buttons under each picture, but it doesn't alter the image size in the final gallery. Doesn't seem to alter the size of the monstrous images either!

                    Sorry if I'm being thick....
                    (I've only just worked out how to insert links, duh...)


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                      I'm doing a new post, and have done my normal slideshow thingy. And it will. not. go. forwards.
                      I've done ascending, descending, ascending by new title, descending by new title, ascending after swapping the numbers in the column around, descending after swapping the numbers in the column around...