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  • Interesting book (UK)

    My local library didn't have GCBC (aka Diet Delusion) so I picked up "We want real food" by Graham Harvey instead.

    Interesting stuff. Although he believes in the "wholegrains are good", he states that the saturated fat/heart disease thing has been dismissed, and talks a fair bit about Weston A Price and Sally Fallon ("nourishing traditions").

    It's more a focus on farming and depleted soils leading to deficiencies in modern diets, hence the older populations mentioned by WAPF being healthier.

    Also looks at benefits of truly grass-fed meat as opposed to factory farming.

    Tragic background on how UK farming was/is ruined, and also a simple key principle for anyone growing their own veggies!

    So not what I intended to read, but I demolished it in 2 hours so it was worthwhile looking at!

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    If you're not tired of reading books about the food industry, I've recently read "Stuffed and Starved" (apparently quite well known in the food security circle, my friend works in that area and had come a lot of references to that book) and "The End of Food" by Paul Roberts.

    In fact, it was the opening of this book that really help motivate me to actually start applying all the stuff I was reading here.

    And I'm going to add your book to the growing list of books I need to get my hands on =)


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      Ooo I've not heard of those two! Thank you.

      "Not on the Label" (I think by Felicity someone?) was another good one a few years ago.

      The Diet Delusion is somewhere in the post for me now though, hopefully it will make it before postal strikes!