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Does anyone have any experiance takinf glutamine

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  • Does anyone have any experiance takinf glutamine

    Im looking for a supplement that will help aid in recovery after a workout, i was told to try glutamine but my DR said that after all the test ran on this product the results showed that it did very little for ur body. If anyone has any info on this product or any other it would help thanks!

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    I took it a long time ago after a muay thai friend said it helped him not only in recovery but in avoiding sickness since it supposedly helps your immune system.

    I can't say I experienced anything spectacular but at the same time I wasn't exerting myself physically that much (there's no lifting in muay thai! no heavy lifting anyway)

    I did experience faster recovery when using BCAA but now that I'm not taking it anymore I feel the same way. I think a lot of these supps that aren't essential (like fish oil or vitamin D are to me at least) create a placebo effect where you think you feel it's "working" because you want it to work in a way, so you won't get as sore from a workout and you'll want to say it's the glutamine, when in reality it's your body becoming more conditioned.

    Still, if you're looking for something to aid in recovery I'd give BCAAs a shot, mind you the taste is horrible, you have been warned.
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        I personally found that taking L Glutamine rapidly...and I mean in like 2-3 days helped a strained/sprained achilles on my left ankle. I was amazed and it made be a believer.


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          Taking high doses (80grams per day - divided up into 4, 20 gram sittings) for five days straight can apparently be used to quickly heal the lining of your intestines. I think in order to see any real effect in terms of muscle recovery you need doses of at least 20grams per day


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            I take 10mg of glutamine 3 times a day and it has all but eliminated the soreness after a heavy workout session. I missed it for a few days and noticed a difference in my muscle soreness. I am a fan.


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              Best time for taken takinf glutamine is 1/2 hour or so before a workout and again right after a workout. It will more beneficial.


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                  L-glutamine made an ENORMOUS difference in healing my leaky gut when diet alone wasn't cutting it.

                  I dealt with dermatitis around my nose and chin for nearly a year. When I started taking between 5,000 and 10,000mg a day, it was gone in about a month.

                  I would be careful exceeding 20,000mg (or 20 grams) a day. It had me bent over in severe abdominal pain/cramping so bad, I thought I was going to have to go to the ER.
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