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Best primal cooking appliance EVER

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  • Best primal cooking appliance EVER

    IMHO, of course:

    Fagor Multi-cooker:

    Slow cooker, pressure cooker, and rice cooker, all in one. (Okay, primals don't need the rice cooker feature so much, but it can be used as a steamer.) I got one for Christmas and have made three roasts, two soups, and chili in it. I'm totally in love with it, mainly because of the fantastic browning element. More detail:
    • You can cook either long and slow or quick and intense (slow cooker vs. pressure cooker features). Both functions can be timed, so no more worries about yanking the pressure cooker off the heat at just the right moment. And if your slow-cooked meal isn't ready just when you need it, you can finish it off with a minute or two of pressure. Having both functions provides infinite flexibility.
    • There's a browning element that is simply brilliant on both the front- and back-end of cooking. Need to brown a chuck roast before slow-cooking? Just turn on the browning feature, slap that slab into the pot and brown the fool out of it, all right in the cooker, with no need to mess up a skillet or your stove top. Lift out the meat and then brown onions and garlic, etc., in the residual fat, if you want, or just add them; then put the meat back in, add wine or broth or whatever other ingredients; turn off browning and turn on slow-cooking or pressure-cooking.
    • When it's all done, use a big slotted spatula to lift out the meat and any big chunks of veggies, then turn browning back on and reduce the fool out of all those lovely juices. Turn browning off and add the meat and veggies back in. Believe me, reduction makes a HUGE difference in how a slow-cooked roast (or any food) tastes.
    • Since there's a browning element, there's a non-stick metal insert instead of a heavy ceramic crock. Yes, I know that some will prefer the crock to avoid the non-stick coating, and ordinarily I'd be among them, but when combined with the browning element, the benefit is so great that I'm willing to do it. For instance, I'm making chili right now, and it turned out a bit soupy after four hours of slow cooking on high, so I've got it simmering away at a very brisk pace on the browning feature. It's wonderful to be able to do this in the same cooker-pot, the same one in which I browned the grass-fed ground chuck, without having to transfer everything to a pot on the stove. It's truly all-in-one cooking.

    If you prefer your meat browned before slow- or pressure-cooking and are tired of browning meat on top of the stove, or long for the intensified flavor of reduced juices without having to transfer them to a pot on the stove, or would like to have a slow-cooker and pressure-cooker combined in one unit: this cooker just might be your match. Just do be sure to use nonstick-safe utensils.

    Disclaimer: I have no relationship with Fagor whatsoever. I'm just very happy with this appliance.

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    Interesting...I will look into it!