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Vibram UK stockists are rip-off merchants

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  • Vibram UK stockists are rip-off merchants

    I know this is may seem to be a pretty strong claim but I've been looking at a pair of flows.

    On a US stockist's web-site $99. On the UK web-sites 116. That's $180. Don't tell me that shipping 500 prs of vibrams to the UK carries that kind of markup justification.

    Why do we put up with these prices? We are being robbed blind.

    Anyone from the UK want to help start up a primal store and import primal gear at prices that normal people will pay?

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    At the current exchange rate, flows are US$190 from the Australian seller.

    We are getting shafted just as much as you are...

    I bought my last VFF's directly from the USA and they cost me about US$100 ea (inc shipping).

    I'd suggest you do that (if VAT doesn't mess you up).

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      I get my Vibrams at the Kayak Shed in Hood River, OR, US, and I can highly recommend them. I see from their site that they do ship internationally, so check them out.


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        Checking in from France:

        My KSO were 107.50, at todays rate it would be $156.62.

        Yes, the stores are ripping us off, but on the other hand these stores are paying some heavy import fees for the shoes...

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