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Fat Head movie on Hulu

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  • Fat Head movie on Hulu

    Not sure if this has been already posted here, the movie Fat Head is now available on Hulu.

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    Better watch it quick before the Net Neutrality Law takes effect, will make watching videos on the internet VERY expensive !

    Vote on Net Neutrality is today. All experts say it will pass. CENSORSHIP OF THE INTERNET.



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      Thanks for that link. I just watched it and it's great. I have sent the link to several friends. I have heard about this documentary for some time, but I haven't seen it.


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        Great video. I ordered a copy to share with friends & family, especially those that tell me I eat too much fat.


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          Great flick! I checked it out from my local library last week.
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            Just finished watching it tonight. It is a great movie that easily explains everything we read and have learned.



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              Just watched it. In fact I did lose quite a bit of weight 10 years ago eating at McD's 6 nights a week and walking 90 minutes most days. The weight started to creep back up when I moved to a CW grain centric "healthy" diet.

              I absolutely do not want politics to infest this forum but I am becoming increasingly more pissed off the more research I do. I work with an older bunch of people and while obesity may not be an obvious problem, the symptoms related to insulin resistance and inflammation are ubiquitous. As stated in the movie it is more than endorsement by gov't of an unhealthy diet it is enforcement through tax and regulation. I would have loved to see McGovern on the hot seat.
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                I just watched it. I thought it could have used more production value, and could have focused less on SuperSize Me, but it was still brilliant. As a visual learner this was perfect for explaining how and why CW doesn't work. It was also useful in teaching me exactly how unaccredited (and even fraudulent) the Lipid hypothesis is. Something I did not know before.


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                  For those outside the US who can't access Hulu, Tom will send you an international version of his DVD very quickly and cheaply. You can order it through his website:

                  His blog is often interesting too (he did a good interview with Gary Taubes recently) and he engages well with those who post comments - seems like a good guy.
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