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Vibram flow vs sprint for a cruise and every day life?

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  • Vibram flow vs sprint for a cruise and every day life?

    I'm going on a cruise in January and my Vibram sprints will be coming along, but I want to get a second pair/different color. I'm thinking maybe I should get a pair of the flows since, well, it's a cruise and I'll be in/out/around water a lot. Most of the excursions we're doing are water related.

    But, the cruise is only a week and I'll need to wear these shoes after the are the flows practical for every day life? I wear my vibrams for working out, running and sometimes general errand running. I'm not normally near water in my usual life.

    I love my sprints, but I'm thinking they may not be the best for getting wet.

    Thoughts? Input? Experience with flows? Am I overlooking another model that would be as good or better?
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    I have flows and they're mostly for cold weather wear. I've been wearing them since it turned cold. They're not fantastic for staying warm but they're liveable. I'd rather have cold feet for trips to and from the car, than to wear boots at work all day. One thing I will say is, they'll make your feet sweat, that's for sure. They also don't keep water out if that's what you're looking for.

    I'd recommend the KSO for water wear. I use them when I'm walking through the woods and creek. Also not waterproof, but they keep most bits of stuff out.


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      I agree with Diana. I live in Portland, and my FLOWs are great for training outside this time of year. I think they would be uncomfortable in warm temps.

      I use KSOs for inside and warm weather training. They are great in warm water.


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        The Flows are made of neoprene, like a wetsuit. There not waterproof but should keep your feet warmer than Sprints if wet. If cold isn't an issue then I wouldn't worry about it.


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          hmmm....excellent points everyone! It will be warm where we're going to I think I'll rule out the flows for now and maybe get the kso's or stick with the sprints.

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            Sprint! King of all VFFs imo!
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              We are going on a cruise in January as well! I ordered Sprints from Europe (to be delivered to my step-daughter). I am hoping I get them in time! I am also bringing my Sprints for walking and exercising on the ship and maybe my Classics for everyday walking around the boat/hanging out.

              I figure taking such minimalistic shoes will leave more room in my suitcase for souvenirs...and jewelry!!