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    Anyone else listen to this? I've listened to 8-9 so far and I actually think it's better than Robb Wolfs in a lot of ways (I've heard about 12 of Robb Wolf's podcasts).

    It aggregates a lot of recent Paleo data and news from blogs and the web and presents it simplistically and quickly (no robb Wolf 12 minute ramblings).

    Good critical presentation of both sides of the argument

    the Author is articulate, succint and precise in his presentation.

    The author shares his own experimentation on workouts, recipes etc what worked and didn't for him

    Has a great section on the end that borders on philosophy. Very entertaining.

    great informational website with links to what he discusses on each podcast - makes consumption very simple. Compared to an off-handed reference Robb makes during a question and answer session that I am unable to get validation of.

    some things I would improve about This Week in Paleo are the music interludes they are pretty terse; kind of hard to explain but anyone who has listened can probably tell what I am talking about. Not a big issue though and I must say the author does a good job of breaking his podcast into various segments that are separated by recognizable musical interludes.

    Anyway thought I'd throw a recommendation out for an entertaining and informative podcast alternative to Robb's deadpan + Andy constantly fake-laughing
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    Thanks for the info. I hadn't seen this one. Downloading a few to try them out. I actually really enjoy Robb Wolf's rambles, but I totally agree with you about his buddy with all the fake laughing. And also how he's always trying to be funny, criticizing Robb, but it's not cute, it's irritating. Makes me crazy! I was so annoyed by it, I stopped listening to the podcast.
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      I heard 10 minutes of it before being interrupted, I liked it thus far. It almost seems like Robb Wolf is getting a little tired of his own podcast lately. Probably because he gets a lot of annoying questions (looks like Andy picks them, but Robb should since he's the one that ultimately will respond) he starts a lot of his answers with "ehhh... well...." I still listen at work because there's some interesting stuff in there more often than not.
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        I love This Week in Paleo! It is my new favorite podcast. I found it a few weeks ago and have listened to all of them. Angelo has a very friendly and relaxed conversational style, and while he must write down his material, he sounds like he's just hanging out and talking. Nearly everything he presents is interesting, and he often finds ways to sneak a little Led Zeppelin snippet into the mix somewhere - always a bonus! He also seems open-minded and nonjudgemental, not dogmatic like some Paleo folks. He has a website and is on Facebook and Twitter also - just search for This Week in Paleo.
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          I agree with Annika, TWIP is a great resource covering a variety of interesting blogs that are new to me. Plus, Angelo pulls in the usual suspects (Masterjohn, Harris, Guyenet, etc), with admirable discretion. It certainly does not replace Robb Wolf's podcast, as Angelo offers different information and has carved out a unique niche. I dig the music, philosophy bytes (both his and borrowed), and find the production value pretty impressive. Highly recommended.


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            thanks for the heads up! I :heart Robb Wolf and love his and Andy's podcast, but am always looking for other great paleo podcasts!
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              Sweet find! Thanks for posting this up. I can't believe some of you already knew about this. Withholding on us, eh?

              FWIW, I actually enjoy Andy.
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                Thanks for the tip listened to the first 1 and a half episodes today and enjoyed them.


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                  Hi, all -- thanks for the kudos! I love the Paleo lifestyle, talking about it, pointing to the great blogs in our online community, and making it as interesting as I can.

                  I just want to chime in and say that I'm a big fan of the Robb Wolf and Andy Deas podcast, The Paleo Solution.

                  I was first exposed to Paleo back in the late 90's when I read Ray Audette's Neanderthin. Then, Mark Sisson reignited my primal fire (grok on!). But, it really was Robb's podcast that gave me the practical info that I needed. Both he and Andy come off as very genuine, Robb's a Paleo encyclopedia, and I dig their "on-air" chemistry.

                  Thanks again for the kind words. Very encouraging!


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                    I've listened to a few episodes now and it's staying on my podcast list! Keep up the great work!
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                      Thanks! Will do!


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                        Angelo, it's great to see you posting here. Thanks to this forum, I found your site and podcasts.

                        I love your use of media to weave the paleo/primal story. It was STUNNING to hear the HFCS pundits going on about how HGSC = sugar and that its ok even for kids. It was brilliant when you said, "Is arsenic part of a balanced diet?".

                        I look forward to catching up on the podcasts and getting some time to explore your site.