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    So, I am in the market for new boots for work, and would like to go as minimalist as possible while staying within regs. I found this boot, which appears to have a pretty even sole, without a really raised heel. What do you think?
    It is kind of funny looking, but if it is comfy I don't care.

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    It says ABU approved and does not look that much different from what I see our officer pilot trainees wear everyday. Worst case scenario is just print out a pic of them and then hit up your first shirt. If he passes off on them, I would think you would be good to go.


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      never mind, didn't catch the 'regs' part
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        That boot looks a hell of a lot more comfortable that then ones I have to wear. If it is within regs, go for it. I don't think it's too funny looking, you'll probably have a lot of other people interested if you start wearing them.
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          Hey, how'd those boots turn out? Runner wants ta know. Are they as flat as they look?
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