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    We get trolls and spam here at low levels on a pretty regular basis and occasionally we get larger scale trolling "attacks." I thought it might be useful to have some tips for troll management.

    1. If you sense a troll do not engage them
    - they will be annoying
    - their thread will be bumped if you comment and other people will have to look at it
    - block/report them and move on
    2. Report spam
    - don't comment on spam threads, it bumps them and other people will have to look at it
    - report and move on
    3. It's like Voldemort
    - when you type the name of websites or people that are known to troll here it gives them an opportunity to be redirected to our forum if (when) they google themselves.
    - eg. a certain v*gan website"which shall not be named"

    Just some tips for people who may not have come into contact with many trolls.

    If you like getting trolls worked up then all the power to you.

    Please suggest other troll tips
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