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    Hey all. I read somewhere that there is a MDA android app. Anyone know how to find it?

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    From what I can tell, it's no longer available in Market.

    I had it on my old phone, then it bricked for some reason. I've been trying to find it but all I can find is
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      +1 for the much appreciated revival of the android app. Android has easily overtaken the iphone in the market share and is powering on.
      Does anyone know the status of the android app?
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        If you're trying to just read the articles, start using google reader: my reader is full of paleo/fitness related stuff and always growing. It looks good on the droid too, easy to read, loads fast, etc etc. It can at least hold you over until the app returns.

        Edit: Reader also allows you to NOT have to visit the actual sites since it just pulls whatever new blog post is updated. I'm on it pretty much all day at work and it's better than having to deal with the ads on some sites, or having co-workers notice I'm on different sites all day. With reader it just looks like I'm on one site, but I'm reading the content of over 20 blogs/websites. Huge time saver.

        Last edit: some sites (*coHUNT.GATHER.LOVEugh*...MovNat!!) don't display their entire content and you have to go to the website (maybe for ad purposes) to see the whole thing. It's annoying.
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