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what or who led you here to Primal

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  • what or who led you here to Primal

    I found out about MDA and the primal blueprint through Steve linked to this site in many of his weekly blogs and finally one day i clicked on the link and have never looked back (actually thats a lie, i still read Nerdfitness ) how did you get here. what if anything made it all 'click' for you.

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    I was gonna ask that EXACT same question!!

    I came through fitnessblackbook, I was looking for some information on slowly getting rid of some of my muscle mass as felt I was too stocky for a girl.

    Thankfully I read through PB and realised it wasn't the exercise that was so much of the problem!

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      For me PB was the ultimate and logical destination of an 18 month voyage of enlightenment around the internet.

      What originally launched that trip 2 years ago was my 'discovery' of ketosis, (via a meal replacement VLCD).
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        I was lurking on the weight lifters threads at 3FC. Several of the posters do crossfit. One had a picture of her abs for an avatar. I was so impressed! I followed her to her blog and here. Almost immediately ordered the book.


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          That is an easy answer. I visited MDA a while back, and thought the whole concept was BULLSH*T, and Mark was clearly a shyster peddling books & pills. Bread and grains BAD for our health? Impossible. Someone was smoking something, and I wanted some. It was BLASPHEMY, all of it !

          At the time I was searching for answers to my questions about "Toxic Liver" that I had heard of in a seminar. Someone at another discussion group mentioned Cardiologist Dr. Davis, and when I read his reports on wheat & grains, my chin dropped.

          That was when I took a 2nd look at Marks web site and started reading his many articles. Next thing I bought his book and my entire family is now on the Primal Diet. If it weren't for Dr. Davis, we would NOT have believed in the Primal/Paleo concept AT ALL. To this days people roll their eyes and walk away if I mention that grains are unhealthy. Everyone is totally brain washed on this subject and it is an impossible concept to promote.

          Best to all,
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            I was just surfing through Amazon for health and fitness books. Saw The PB a couple of times and eventually took the big click!!
            Read and lurked on the forum for about a month as it took a while for my carb brain to understand that it didn't really NEED carbs.
            Went Primal on 01 June 2010 and haven't looked back. I'm usually only 80/20 or 70/30 on the weekends but I dropt 3kg in 2 weeks and have maintained weight (63kg / 165cm) since then, quite easily.
            I'll take this opportunity to say 'Thanks Mark for introducing PB to the (my) world'.


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              I heard Mark on one of Jimmy Moore's podcasts. I had already been low carbing, and the PB seemed like a natural progression for me.


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                I had read Loren Cordain's book that a friend had and just jumped right in. Then with some searching I found MDA- I even have an app on my iphone. I had struggled with wheat/ gluten problems so it was a great way of living for me. All those gluten free substitutes still made me feel ill. This isn't just a DIET it's a way of life. I can't see myself eating any other way. Though the weight loss is slow the fat loss and inces are coming off. The big plus is I feel AMAZING! My body no longer constanlty hurts me. I frequently hear from others how amazing I look.


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                  I was ill from food intolerances and the side effects of celiac disease and suffering from an increasingly limited diet. I found MDA and discovered a massive group of people who were eating similarly to me but from CHOICE!!! I can't tell you how much of a difference that made - stopped me feeling like a freak and more like someone who was making a healthy choice. I cut out the few remaining foods that MDA said would cause problems and upped my fat intake and things got much, much better.
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                    Grizz; good effort on your Research Report!! Very handy references.
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                      I'm a member on the forums and some folks had made reference to paleo-type diets. I thought they were crazy and couldn't fathom eating under 150 g/carbs per day LOL I followed a few links where people referenced Marks blog, became intrigued and spent days perusing the site. Ordered the book a few days later.
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                        I had been researching ways to further clean up my whole foods Atkins diet and first heard of MDA from Jimmy Moore. I read the MDA blogs and then bought both PB books.


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                 doug kaufmann's show. mark was a guest.
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                            I first came to MDA 2+ years ago through and read it on and off. I didn't start really reading the blog until spring 2009 though, and didn't take the plunge until late 2009/early 2010 when I finally ditched all grains. (I hadn't been eating many grains or any processed foods for 4+ years anyway).


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                              Another vote for Rusty at Fitness Black Book.

                              After basically a year of primal living I can't remember the last time I felt so good. I didn't have much fat to lose, but I surprised myself how loose all of my pants got after the first couple of months. It's expensive replacing an entire wardrobe but I'm happy to do it!

                              Still get a lot of weird looks when I bust out my snack of boiled eggs and bacon, but people have noticed I never get sick and always have heaps of energy and are starting to ask how. Although it is tempting to try and convert everyone I meet, I learnt that was a bad idea early on, and now only go into details if asked.

                              To me, even if I wanted to I couldn't go back to eating how I used to after what I have learnt here at MDA and other great sites. It is a one way journey that I'm so happy I found!