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  • Regional Groups for Resources?

    I didn't see a regional thread or section for people to share primal resources with others in their particular geographic area.

    Any interest in starting one?

    I am in the Baltimore/South Central PA area. Here is a place I found that I am planning on contacting for grass fed beef:

    Kookaburra Farm has its roots in raising healthy, organic food. What began as a small market vegetable and grass fed lamb operation in the hills of New England in 1998—has matured into a multi-generational family farm in the Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania.

    We strive to offer 100% grass fed, nutrient dense beef raised on organically managed pastures, stored forages, minerals and well water. The key to our management system is minimizing stress in every aspect of our animals' lives.

    Our cattle are processed at a family run USDA facility where they are dry aged, cryovac sealed, and blast frozen. We strive to finish mature, well fattened animals. Our beef brings a juicy, flavorful eating experience full of the good fats that grass fed beef has to offer.

    We sell 40lb. 'Family Packs' that consist of 50% ground beef–50% steaks and roasts. We also sell our ground beef and other excellent cuts separate from our Family Packs. We sell beef at our farm and deliver to buying groups in local PA, MD and DE counties.

    Kookaburra Farm, Matt Rulevich, 11844 Gum Tree Road, Brogue, PA 17309. (717) 927-6654.

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