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Sunlight in Cold Climates

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  • Sunlight in Cold Climates

    I began implementing the Primal Blueprint this summer and have had no issues getting the requisite amount of sunlight on a daily basis, but now that kids are heading back to school, I realize that cold weather is right around the corner (I live in NJ).

    Supplementing with vitamin D3 is a topic I've seen discussed at length here, but I'd like to continue with natural sun as much as possible. Has anyone tried to use a forced air propane heater or a propane tank-top radiant heater to warm a small area where you could get some sun during the winter months?

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    I wouldn't bother. At your latitude during the winter months you really don't make much, if any, Vit D with sun exposure. The angle of the sun to the northern latitudes is too low/too weak to stimulate Vit D production. Take your supplement. I haven't done any research about using tanning beds to stimulate Vit D. Has anyone else? That might be an alternative.


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      I was afraid of that. There is a website mentioned in another post (as well as in the Primal Leap Kit) that says I'd need 51 minutes of exposure in January. Probably a little more time than I have, but I may give it a shot anyway, if nothing else it is relaxing and improves my mood being in the sun.

      Thanks for your reply.


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        Being in the sun improves your mood partly because of the vitamin D. At least for me thats how it works. I take my D supplement and I feel the same level of daily ok-ness that I get from the sun. Minus of course the nice toasty feeling the sun can give you
        As the previous person mentioned, those of us in the northern-ish reaches of the country, we're too far north to get enough direct sun to stimulate production of Vitamin D. I've been on D supplements before and found it very helpful.