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From Maine and Want Advice on Buying Local online Primal Meats

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  • From Maine and Want Advice on Buying Local online Primal Meats

    I live in a very rural area in northern Maine. I have limited access to grassfed meats. I can get some ground beef patties from Wolf's Neck farm at our local grocery store and some ground bison meat, but that is about it.
    I know there are some excellent mail order websites, but I am hoping to get some advice on Maine-based or New England-based products that I can order online.

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    Hello, fellow Mainer! :-) I was born and raised in the southern part, near the Portland area, but I know just how rural some parts of the state can be... Regardless, I would check out this: ... And get the meat shipped to you.

    Have you ever been to Wolf's Neck Park? Very nice...I miss Maine. :-(
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      I have been to Wolfe's Neck Park. It is lovely! I love the coast!! I live in the north and I am looking for resources that would allow me to buy small amounts to get me started. Thank you for the link. I can go down to Portland to Whole Foods and buy up some grass fed meats there, but I live almost 6 hours away, and it isn't convenient.


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        If you were closer to Lewiston/Auburn I'd suggest checking out Farmers Gate Market where you can buy full sides of beef, pork, etc, they also do butcher packages. Their website is : Farmers' Gate Market. If you were coming this way anyway and had the money to blow, you could load up all in a single shot with a freezer package. Also, I realize this thread is super old, but just wanted to toss this out there.