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    "the Masai stole his stuff"


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      Weird conclusion:

      The science of stress can illuminate the damage. It can document the chemistry that unravels us from the inside. One day, it might even give us options for preventing the damage, silencing the stress response at its source. But these are mere band-aids, fancy fixes for what remains an inherently societal problem.
      Great. So I've got to "fix" my whole society before I "silence the stress response" - as opposed to affix "a mere band-aid".

      That sounds like a non-starter to me - I've got to change everyone else to feel better.

      The Stoics begin to sound a lot more plausible in comparison:

      Control thy passions lest they take vengence on thee.


      Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them.


      Or the Hindus/Buddhists for the matter of that:

      He who is unmoved, who has restrained his senses … is said to be devoted. As a flame in a windless place that flickers not, so is the devoted.

      Bhagavad gita

      I don't know I find either of those views of life particularly compelling, but at least they tell the listener the solution is in his own hands. I might not like the message that the problem is with me ... Burning burning burning burning * ... but at least I can do something about that.

      In the sermon, the Buddha instructs his priests that all things "are on fire. . . The eye. . . is on fire; forms are on fire; eye-consciousness is on fire; impressions received by the eye are on fire; and whatever sensation, pleasant, unpleasant, or indifferent, originates in dependence on impressions received by the eye, that also is on fire. And with what are these on fire? With the fire of passion, say I, with the fire of hatred, with the fire of infatuation."