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Grassfed beef recommendations in Los Angeles or via internet?

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  • Grassfed beef recommendations in Los Angeles or via internet?

    Whole Foods grass-fed beef isn't the tastiest beef, really. Any recs on grass-fed beef availability in Los Angeles area either via internet (to ship) or a brick and mortar store or a great grass-fed ranch that is at any of the Farmers Markets in the LA basin?

    Or, anyone want to cow-pool? I'd really like to start buying in some sort of bulk as opposed to eating what I consider to be sub-par beef from Whole Foods. Also would love to find pastured eggs!

    You'd think there would be scads of resources in Los Angeles, but I am having a hard time finding a personal recommendation (I know about the Eat Wild website).

    Never argue for your limitations.

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    I live in Torrance and have ordered a couple times from Slanker's in Texas. Their meat is very nicely priced, good quality, and shipping is reasonable. If you buy multiples of 65 lbs, you get a pretty nice discount.

    I also buy grass-fed bison from Lindner Bison at my local farmer's market. Their prices are higher, but the meat is incredible and packaged better (vacuum sealed instead of just shrink-wrapped). They do offer discounts for quantity as well.

    I would potentially be interested in a cow-pool but my freezer is still quite full from my last order from Slanker's.

    I get pastured eggs at the farmer's market too, from La Bahn Ranch. They have great prices and the eggs are second to none. They also sell fresh whole pastured chickens and parts.


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      Thanks, prib. I was actually thinking of Lindner (their home base is in Valencia where I live) and they sent me a list of farmer's markets where they have their meat for sale. I guess I've just been a little gun-shy from the WFs experience (I had purchased a lot of their grass-fed beef and it was both spendy and not-so-yummy. I'm glad to read that Lindner is delicious and your post has inspired me to go the Hollywood Farmers Market this weekend and get some!

      Appreciate the feedback!
      Never argue for your limitations.


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        Originally posted by Grokalicious View Post
        Thanks, prib.
        Not a problem! Grass-fed meat does definitely taste different from grain-fed, and takes a different cooking technique. The Lindners can advise you there, and I strongly recommend you also pick up Tender Grassfed Meat, by Stanley Fishman. His methods work really well. Bison is better marinated in unfiltered extra virgin olive oil for at least 24 hours. The enzymes break it down and make it very tender. If you don't have one, it's a good idea to get a cast-iron skillet. Lodge is good, but I have a really heavy Emeril one that is even nicer.

        Lindner's jerky is really good too and made without any noxious chemicals. It's kind of like meat candy :-)


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          Ha, meat it! I have a cast iron skillet that I have to season but will have to Google to figure out how to do so as well as pick up the book that you recommend. I just want to enjoy my meat! I know to cook grass-fed less time, which is cool because I love my meat on the rarer side of things.

          Am a huge fan of good jerky, so meat candy, here I come. Hehheh. Appreciate your tips!
          Never argue for your limitations.


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            Grokalicious, is there anyway you could post that list? I'm in the Ventura County Area and trying to find Grassfed Beef or Bison is pretty tough.


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              We are in Westwood and get our grass fed beef from the Santa Monica Farmers Market (I believe the farm is called Organic Pastures).


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                Have you tried Full of Life Farm ?