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  • Lets discuss 180 degree health

    So I just read the free ebook on 180 degree health and I'd to discuss it. I noticed that it has alot in common with the blueprint but there were also very contrasting ideas.

    in common:
    - Fats are good especially saturated fats
    - CW on cholesterol is wrong
    - refined sugars are bad
    - processed foods are bad
    - food high in omega 6 is bad, although he seems a little more extreme in this.

    - Basic assumption: you need to increase your metabolism which is best measured by core temp.
    - carbs aren't bad and starch is awesome.
    - When you get enough calories you don't need much protein
    - eat more to lose weight.

    Since I always had a close to ideal body composition but never had stable and high energy levels or stable moods (not even after being primal for two months now, allthough it's gotten better) I might give this a try and see if I can increasy my metabolism and if that makes things better.

    But first I'd like some opinions on the HED (high everything diet), mainly about his view on starches and how they raise metabolism and result in higher insulin sensitivity.

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    I just found a very interesting article on his blog:

    It's about how he thinks we were designed to eat and how a paleo diet should look like.


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      I think that guy is nuts --- but the video is priceless!


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        Yeah, I pretty much agree with all of those points.
        Whether you think you can..... or you think you can't..... your 100 % correct.


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          Has he metabolised off those 30 pounds he gained eating his HED yet?
          You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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            Compare a picture of Mark with a picture of Matt. Enough said.


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              Maybe we're hairless because we're adapted to hot climates - or maybe because we're adapted to swimming? Hence the subcutaneous fat and dive reflex in babies?


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                Also, I don't think
                you are probably right to be attempting to live in harmony with the region you live in (obeying nature), but our basic template is unchanged. We are warm weather creatures that have found tricks to overcome that limitation. That's great and all, but it didn't change our makeup.
                holds water logically. Depends how long ago we found the trick to overcome the limitation. An evolutionary argument for vegetarianism is that we don't have the teeth to kill and eat animals - but we started using tools as 'external teeth' long enough ago that our digestive tract's adapted to meat. How long ago did we start on the 'external fur'? Long enough for digestive adaptations to different climates?

                (Anyone know what the climate was actually like in Africa 3 million or so years ago?)


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                  What I picked up from reading 180degree blog is that Matt developed some kind of "imbalance" after being on a Paleo-type diet for an extended period of time. I think it had to do with his adrenal glands but I don't know the details. I do know that he felt that his metabolism was reduced by eating LC for a long while, and that his daily temp had dropped to like 97 degrees or something. Then he developed a couple of diets to correct his low temperature, including the "HED." Weight gain was a result but it is coming off again now. Lately he is eating high starch (no gluten though I think) and low fat, low protein and he says he is feeling good and losing weight. One thing that I noted is that somewhere he wrote, "if you are a post-menopausal lady do not expect the same kind of results..." i.e., us post-menopausal women don't metabolize carbs very well so we may gain weigh instead of losing. That certainly puts a damper on things!
                  I'm a quitter...but I'm back now.


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                    @Primalchild: Where does it say that? And were those 30 pounds fat or lean body mass?

                    @lbd: on the picture of his website he looks pretty lean and muscled to me. Sure, he has a higher fat % than Mark but it still looks low and healthy.

                    @Hillary: He doesn't say that we can't eat meat well he has given enough examples in his ebook on people living on high fat diets who do great. And if we are adapted to meat doesn't mean we are no longer adapted to starchy roots.

                    And in general: What about the examples he gives about tribes living on a high carbs diet who look awesome and have no diseases. Or that tribe that lived happily on a high carb diet but started to gain weight and get sick when modern foods were introduced eventhough they started to eat more fat and less carb. Surely this must mean that counting carbs isn't everything.


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                      I like 180degreehealth. It good for debate and makes you think critically about diets etc instead of being narrow minded and having the "my way is the best/only way" mentality. You are never going to agree with everything someone says, and just because he is eating high carb and isn't super lean, doesn't mean he doesn't have something good to say.

                      You can't really argue that there were/are traditional cultures that consume a high carb diet and were healthy. They still ate primally and that seems to be the important thing.
                      "My mom made two dishes: Take it or Leave it." -- Stephen Wright, comedian


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                        He looks a bit bloated and puffy to me, especially around the face, but maybe that is my perspective. I think the thing I like least about this guy is that he uses the comments sections of many different blogs to post argumentative and controversial posts just to promote his website. I find him a bit disingenuous, but that is just an opinion based on a feeling, so take it for what it is worth which might be nothing at all.


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                          Well I'm going to try a 50/35/15 (C/F/P) (just an estimate) diet high in starch. If I like it I will switch back and forth between it and the PB (in a few 30-day trials) and see wich one works best for my energy levels and general well-being. I will probably post a threat about my experiences in the future.


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                            Originally posted by BlueBear View Post
                            @Hillary: He doesn't say that we can't eat meat well he has given enough examples in his ebook on people living on high fat diets who do great. And if we are adapted to meat doesn't mean we are no longer adapted to starchy roots.
                            Sorry, I wasn't clear. In that article, he's saying that we can't (or shouldn't optimally) eat things from cold climates, like oily fish, because we're adapted to hot climates (no fur), and can only live in cold climates because we learned to wear clothes (animal skins, whatever). That's like saying we can't eat meat because we can't get it with our teeth, and can only eat it because we learned to use tools. Maybe we've adapted to live on a cold-climate diet, just as we've adapted to live on an omnivorous diet. Point is we got a large brain long enough ago that we could start compensating for inadequacies like little teeth - and maybe also a lack of fur. Maybe.

                            I don't know why 'Primal' should be identified with 'low carb' anyway - lower carb, true, but it seems pretty flexible.


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                              Maybe the we adapted to cold climates in a way that we store fat and slow our metabolism when we eat food high in omega 6 because nuts are there right before the winter. And when we eat a diet high in saturated fat (like in the winter with only animal food) we also slow our metabolism to survive the winter.
                              So maybe we have adapted to a cold climate but in a way that doesn't give us ideal health and energy.
                              But that just something I though of now and haven't though through so don't bash it to hard.

                              Personally I dont even see why primal can't be high carb. To me it seems very flexible and I think it is up to everyone to find there own primal way of eating.