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  • Fat!

    Here's a good article all about the ins-and-outs of adiapose tissue. Some of it is technical, but overall, very informative.

    A couple of interesting (I think) quotes from it:
    Blood flow to adipose tissue varies depending upon body weight and nutritional state, with blood flow increasing during fasting.
    Contrary to earlier belief, hyperplastic growth can also occur in adulthood (in both humans and rats). When adipocytes fill with lipid and get to a critical size, precursor cells are stimulated to differentiate, and an increase in adipocyte number results. This critical size probably does not occur with moderate overfeeding unless the overfeeding is of long duration. In addition, there are probably individual differences in the size that will result in new adipocyte formation. Once new adipocytes are formed, they remain throughout life and only a reduction in size of the cell is possible. This increased number of adipocytes has far-reaching consequences for the treatment and prevention of obesity.

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    I know it's an old thread but it fits in with what I had just been reading in yet another LC diet book. This one is by Pierre Dukan and I thought one of the more bizarre parts was his claim that your adipocytes divide once you reach a BMI of 28 and from then on it is much more difficult to keep your weight down as there are twice as many fat storing cells waiting to store spare fat.

    It seems there is some basis in it from the above article. So what's the answer? Liposuction