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Vibrams have saved my back!

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  • Vibrams have saved my back!

    So today i missed my flight and have to spend the day in the airport. I chose to wear my Vibrams this morning instead of my normal triple-wide sneakers. To change flights after missing my first one I had to walk all over Chicago O'Hare. I spent about 3 hours walking and probably treked about 3 miles total. If I had been wearing my old sneakers my back would have been kiling me and my ankles would have been terribly sore - wide feet mean i often roll onto the side of my feet.

    With the vibrams i have no pain save for some calf stiffness since this is my second day wearing them. These things are amazing! I've been thoroughly converted.

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    I have experienced the same and glad to see you had a better experience than it could have been!
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