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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Nycaise)

    I've already finished one day with eating primal food thanks to the time difference. I found myself craving sugar but not as bad as I thought, and by using the advice that Mark as given in the past (like having some water) I was able to beat them back. Today I have my first major challenge, looking after a friends 12 yr old, who I'm sure is going to turn up with candy! But I already have some healthy snacks prepared for me to help me resist.

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    Have now survived the second day, the eating was a bit disjointed as me and 12 yr old watched all three Lord of the Rings movies so there was lots of grabbing a bite to eat between discs. My sugar cravings not so bad again, and was helped by the fact no candy turned up. One thing I will have to work on is more veges in my diet, today was a bit light.


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      Day 3

      Definitely a grazing day, didn't feel hungry for a lot of food at any one time before dinner.

      B - 2 sausages cup of green tea

      L - grazed on nuts and one boiled egg

      D - Chicken salad and a banana

      One thing that has surprised me is that I seem to be coping without the sugar and without flavoured drinks. Before starting the challenge I drank very little pure water, it always had to be cordial or soda. But now I have one glass of green tea when I get up and nothing but water for the rest of the day.


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        Day 4

        More grazing today.

        B - 1 sausage

        L - nuts, mandarin

        S - a SoG primal bar (although I couldn't find the powdered eggs, so added a tablespoon of honey and some extra almond flour)

        D - Chilli made with some pinto beans, bit of a cheat there 80/20 right?

        Sugar cravings finally seemed to have hit this afternoon but was able to resist, probably because I had the extra carbs from the beans in dinner.


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          Day 5

          B - SoG bar (they really are very filling)

          L - leftover chilli

          D - Primal pizza also very filling

          S - handful of brazil nuts

          Was a lovely sunny day today (for winter) so spent as much time as possible outside basking in the sunshine


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            Day 6

            B - SoG bar and banana

            L - some nuts, mandarin two squares of dark choc

            D - Primal pizza leftover from yesterday

            Went for a 3hr hike, really enjoyed it and was another glorious sunny day. Normally while I'm hiking I end up ravenous, but I just wasn't that hungry when we stopped for lunch. Was good training as me and a bunch of friends are going for an overnight hike next weekend.


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              Day 6

              B - SoG Bar (the recipe makes so many!)

              L - Pumpkin, Pear and spinach salad

              D - Sausages with leftover pumpkin salad from lunch

              S - a few almonds and a couple of dates.

              I had a real craving for fresh baked bread this afternoon, good thing we don't actually have any bread in the house at the moment!


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                Day 8

                I have survived my first week primal eating. And I lost 2kgs (4.4lbs) to boot.

                B - Mandarin and couple of brazil nuts and almonds

                L - Borscht soup with dollop of sour cream

                D - Chicken and kumara (NZ sweet potato) curry on a bed of cauliflower "rice"

                S - Handful of almonds, and am contemplating a banana


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                  Day 9

                  B - SoG bar

                  L - Borscht soup with sour cream

                  D - Fajitas without the tortilla wrap

                  S - Handful of almonds, couple of pieces of biltong

                  Been worrying a bit about the fruit thing, berries aren't in season at the moment here, so are horrendously expensive and tasteless. I bought bananas and mandarins but think they might not have been the best choice, so tomorrow am going to raid the market to see what else is out there.


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                    Day 10

                    Wow 10 days already!

                    B - Almonds and banana

                    L - 2 pieces of chicken

                    D - SoG pizza

                    S - Almonds, cabanossi stick


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                      Day 11

                      B - SoG bar

                      L - Almonds, some biltong

                      D - Chilli, little bit of a cheat as added kidney beans

                      S - Apple with almond butter

                      I'm finding eating the primal way really easy sometimes I think too easy, although I guess CW has us set up to expect a bit of starvation and misery when trying to eat well and lose weight


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                        Day 12

                        B - Leftover chilli

                        L - 4 eggs with tiny bit of mayo

                        D - Thai green chicken curry

                        S - Almonds

                        Tomorrow I'm going for an overnight tramp, kinda dreading the food in a way cos will be lots of non primal stuff floating around (rice, bread, marshmallows).


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                          Day 13 & 14

                          Okay me and some friends went for an overnight hike this weekend and my primal diet suffered somewhat.


                          B - SoG bar

                          L - Salad with chicken

                          D - (at the hut we were staying at) butter chicken with rice and naan, smores to finish.

                          S - (also at hut) cheese and crackers, chips.


                          B - Sausages

                          L - Almonds and brazil nuts

                          D - Pork ribs and chicken tenders

                          S - Mandarin

                          My weigh in seems to have suffered this week as a consequence have gained 1kg (2lbs) so am feeling very motivated now to stay on track.


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                            Day 15

                            B - Fast

                            L - Small amount of chicken

                            D - Roasted leek, garlic & bacon soup, yummy!

                            S - Few pieces of biltong

                            Feeling back on track after the excesses of the weekend and the soup I found was wonderful and my flatmates loved it too which is always good.


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                              Day 16

                              B - Fried egg and two sausages

                              L - Roast beef with carrots, kumara & pumpkin

                              D - A bit of a cheat, Quesadilla with rice argh

                              S - Apple with almond butter

                              Have decided that my resistance when eating out is very, very weak.