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lolwut? (UK Sunday Express article)

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  • lolwut? (UK Sunday Express article)

    Well, this is my first post I believe, having been lurking for a longtime. I'll get round to introductions and all that jazz shortly, but before I head out:

    Obesity isn't unhealthy, say researchers. Uuh... has this been brought up here before? I'll try to find the study quoted...

    Bah, can't find it on a quick skim. If anyone here is any the wiser, or has a link to a previous discussion, it would be most welcome!

    I'd be interested in reading the study, if it's available freely anywhere. Any thoughts?

    tata for now

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    On the one hand, their cut off point was BMI=30. So I agree with the sentiment of a bit of podge not being about to kill you. But the rest was very...vague?
    I guess having read GCBC (Good Calories Bad Calories by Gary Taubes - hefty but worth it. Published as the Diet Delusion over here) I see it slightly in obesity doesn't cause all these illnesses, but is on an equal footing with them. As in, obesity should go on the same list as diabetes et al, all of them being caused by something else...


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      I have seen similar research before which had the same results, that people in the overweight category suffered no ill effects, and in fact when older had a greater chance of survival of some diseases than normal weight people. The research was pretty good too (sorry haven't got time to hunt it out right now). I like to see myths challenged.
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        "To identify the levels of illness, they examined the use of prescribed medications, ruling out drugs typically used to treat mental rather than physical *ailments."

        I think that there is more to being healthy than not having to use prescription medications. Most people, even if skinny load up on this crap for many reasons and in many cases a conventional doctor will push drugs on their patients because it is so common. Oh your stomach hurts a little bit sometimes, take drugs. You're not sleeping 100% perfectly, take drugs. You snore, take drugs. Your fingers sometimes hurt, take drugs. You feel a little down, take drugs. Extremely unhealthy people and moderately unhealthy people take the same amount of drugs, but that doesn't mean that they are equally healthy. It needs to be understood that you can be unhealthy and not fat, I agree with that, but their standard of evaluation for health is extremely narrow.
        Stabbing conventional wisdom in its face.

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          Hahaha, I can't believe I missed that in my rush to go out. Well done, researchers

          (by the way, off topic, you know I've been told that stabbing things in the face is psychotic, more so than stabbing things anywhere else. Crazy Stabby )