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  • More good news about Marrow

    Good Morning ! How was your breakfast/workout/fast? I myself had 7 oz of grassfed sirloin and a couple ounces of beef marrow. It is becoming one of my favorite AM meals....

    But I am still a little curious about marrow, so I was gooling it, and came across some great reports. Here are some snippits:

    In an article listed at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
    website titled, “Ape-Man; Adventures in Human Evolution”

    the following is stated:

    “As Prof. Leslie Aiello (University College London) points out, bone
    marrow is highly nutritious, and contains many important elements for
    brain growth and development. It also takes much less energy to digest
    than plant food. Scientists have shown that brain size was beginning
    to increase in the later australopithecines, and it could all be down
    to bone marrow as brain food.”

    At a website called, I found an article titled
    “Meat Eating More Healthy in Prehistoric Times”, dated 28-Mar-2002.

    in which the authorstates,

    “This rules out farmed foods such as dairy products, refined cereals,
    added fats and salt. Instead, we should eat lean meat, fish, fresh
    fruit and vegetables. The best parts of the meat are the oily brain
    and bone marrow, since these are rich in healthy fats.”

    Louis Arkson Inc., a manufacturer of Health Food Supplements and Skin
    Care products, sells a product called Vita-Bone Marrow

    They state the following:

    “Bone Marrow is the essence of all vertebralis. It contains all of the
    necessary nutrients to the human body, such as proteins, vitamins,
    complex B, minerals (calcium , magnesium, zinc ). Bone Marrow also
    contains Lecithin and Methionine.

    I havnt been to the product site, but i thought i would share this.

    If youre still wondering where to get marrow, go to whole foods and put in an order for grassfed center cut marrow bones. They are shockingly cheap and the meat mongers will be pretty helpful, they always are to me. mmmmm gona go lick my plate now

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    Thanks so much for posting this. It's fascinating. *makes note to buy bones*

    To keep depression and anxiety at bay, my brain requires significant amounts of phospholipids and methionine that I haven't been able to supply sufficiently through diet alone. I'm eager to try bone marrow to see if this reduces my need for supplemental phosphatidylserine and phosphatidylcholine (among other components of lecithin).

    I also take significant amounts of SAM-e yielding high doses of methionine. Bone marrow would be much preferred.

    iherb referral code CIL457- $5 off first order


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      Im so glad ! Anxiety problems run in my family, and although I dont take medication, I feel as if I have suffered from mild anxiety as well. I was unsure of the exact lipidnutrients it contained until I read this. I had to share. I was like oh yea! I supplement a lot as well, and Im glad to have found a natural food source that helps with this.

      And, yes, the taste is good, but I swear I am almost high after I eat marrow. It is total brain food, I feel in the best mood afterward, even after only a 1/2 oz of it. There is definitely something good going on here....


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        I have to say that when I made it up and snarfed it down for the first time a few weeks ago, I felt goooooooooood afterwards! I've got 5 marrow bones in the freezer and I might have to dig one out after all this marrow talk.
        I grok, therefore I am.


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          nomnomnomnm bone marrow I can never get any around here though. I'm need to stalk the butcher I think.
          Calm the f**k down.


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            Thank you SOOO much for the information and the tip about ordering from Whole Foods. I love bone marrow but it's so hard to come by where I live. I find goat bones on rare occasion at the local halal store. A farmer I found through the local WAPF chapter sells bones and I'm getting a bag today. Can't wait to dig into the marrow.


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              Originally posted by maba View Post
              Thank you SOOO much for the information and the tip about ordering from Whole Foods. I love bone marrow but it's so hard to come by where I live. I find goat bones on rare occasion at the local halal store. A farmer I found through the local WAPF chapter sells bones and I'm getting a bag today. Can't wait to dig into the marrow.
              yay great! Im so glad!


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                Does anyone know if the omega3-omega6 issue applies to bone marrow? I found a new butcher shop that has grass-fed beef, but the only marrow bones they had were from grain-fed cows. Since marrow is high in fat, I suspect it could be an issue...


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                  OK, can someone tell me the ins and outs of cooking this. Do you just place the bones on a sheet and bake them? How high, how long? I'm worried about undercooking them.

                  Then, I assume, scoop and eat. Does it keep well after its cooked in the fridge? Lmeyers has me very interested in slathering this on steak. LOL!
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                    Cooking ... put them in a crock pot with water or stock, turn it to low, let it go a long time. The cartilage will end up like jelly, and some of it will go into the broth as well. When finished and everything is off the bone, remove and eat any marrow still there. Make soup from the stock. Yum.

                    After the bones are completely cleaned off and dry, I put them in one corner of the wood stove's firebox, and char them in a good hot fire. This makes them crumbly, ready to be incorporated in a garden bed. Home made version of bone meal, from grassfed animals. Why waste the minerals? The protein matrix goes up the chimney, but it can't be helped.

                    I have a leg of lamb out there in the crock pot as we speak ... time for lunch.


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                      Cooking is pretty easy, if I am in a hurry I'll do 20 minutes at 450F, if not in a hurry an hour at 350F also works. I would not refrigerate after cooking but just eat then and there.

                      If you ever get a chance, try the buffalo marrow, I did a taste test of both cow (from Whole Foods) and buffalo marrow side by side, the buffalo wins hands down, so much richer and more flavorful. A pinch of Zaatar or pepper on the marrow is nice from time to time but plain is fine.

                      I have been eating a lot of buffalo marrow recently for breakfast too. My farmer's market vendor sells it for cheap in neat 4 to 5 inch size portions which I am sure are intended for dogs but who cares. I wash them in water a few times, then let them soak in water overnight to get out any remaining blood.

                      After eating the marrow, I save the bones in my freezer until I have 3 lbs or so, then I add a more gelatinous bone (like part of a buffalo foot) and use all those bones (after roasting in the oven for an hour) to make broth in my slow cooker so you are getting a 2 for 1 use on the bones. Then I can have broth and marrow for breakfast! Guess after that you could grind them and add to a garden as well but I'm too lazy for that. Cooked and shredded tongue added to the broth is a nice touch for a meal as well.

                      Sadly I've never been able to get my wife or kids to try the marrow, they think I'm crazy.


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                        So if one were to go in search of bones with enough marrow for eating, where would one start? I don't frequent butchers, but I assume that would be a good place to start. What would I ask for? Also, to repeat a question that was asked above, should I also assume that grass fed is better than grain fed, and what if I can only find grain fed? Is it better to pass it up, or deal with it and reap the other health benefits of the marrow?