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any definitive research done on primal diet without a gall bladder

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  • any definitive research done on primal diet without a gall bladder

    Hi, does anyone know if any research has been done on primal/paleo without a gallbladder. I was
    told to maybe try ox bile but was wondering given that cows do not eat fat, whether this was going to work on my human system-seems weird. I have no allergies of any kind and never had gall bladder attacks, or any other issues with my stomach. I have had no issues since the removal ten years ago other than a steady weight gain. I need to lose 20-25 pounds so that I can have major surgery on my spine. Saw a dietitian who put me on a low fat moderate carb diet, exercised like crazy and have gained fat-seriously annoying. have gone paleo but drink two cups of coffee a day with milk and use kefir butter and kefir cheese. would love to find any hard core research on this pls.

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    Paleo can be moderate carb, can be high carb too.

    You'll be hard pressed to find any studies on primal/paleo. But they will correlate cw studies with this WOE just cause they can.

    You may have trouble with high fat as your body might not be able to digest all of it.

    Have you ever thought the weight gain may not be related?
    Have you had recent bloods/hormones etc done?

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      Weight gain's a common one, but I've had steady weight loss. Likely due to lifestyle changes, as I certainly move more now!

      I can't say I've had any trouble other than phantom pain. I've lately wondered if maybe some of that weight loss comes from fat malabsorbtion caused by my lack of gallbladder, though.



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        Try cutting some of the regular fat from your diet and add in coconut oil instead. It's easier to absorb without a gallbladder and had made a huge difference for me.


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          It could be done, but supplementation of ox bile, and a good digestive enzyme might be needed to help digest the high amounts of fat on a daily basis so that you don't get a bile dump from the liver.

          The ox bile works because the biological structure of bile isn't much different between mammals. Bile is different from digestive enzymes like lipase and protease, that may differ from animal to animal.
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