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  • Fascinating old article

    Hi all,

    I'm studying animal nutrition and stubled across this great old article looking at fat and protein as fuel sources for endurance work.

    I would paste in the best bits but its an image-scan pdf and I can't be bothered typing it up! If someone has image-text software please feel free to paste in the interesting bits for others here.

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    That was a good read. Thanks for the link.

    I have been looking for a study that compares anaerobic performance (sprinting, etc) instead of endurance in a VLC versus a non-VLC diet. I have experimented myself with VLC (<40g carbs/day) and my endurance performance doesn't deteriorate but I feel I don't have the same explosiveness when playing racquetball. Eating 100-150g of carbs negates this. It's not objective at all so I am trying to see if I "feel" like that or if my explosiveness actually deteriorates. Do you happen to know of any studies that test this?


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      Oh, wow! Great article! Thank you so much for posting this.
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        I'm unaware of any articles that test for explosiveness/anaerobic performance, but I can search for you as I have access to a large range of full text journals. It would be helpful if you could find the abstract/name of articles you want to investiage further using google scholar and I can pull the full text for you. I haven't searched specifically for this but I did not find anything along these lines when I was writing a human nutrition paper on LCD last year.

        In the field of animal nutrition there is a great lack of any new or interesting articles in the last 10 years or so. It seems that no one is even questioning the status-quo dictated by the feed manufactures. I have both dogs and horses and attempt to feed them as species-approprietly as I can, to many raised eyebrows by my peers (especially the horse world, where grain feeding is rarely even thought about, I am the weird one who doesn't feed my horse any grain!).