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why not just give statins to everyone...

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  • why not just give statins to everyone...

    Have a look at this: Give statins to healthy Scots now | UK | News | Daily Express

    Love the way they've ignored the fact that statins have horrible side effects and may not work; and people should take responsibility for their own health and improve their diet and lifestyle... But no.... Eat whatever shite you like and just pop one of these pills.....

    I was up there in September for a conference at a University. At lunchtime everything was wheat based so I went hunting for a salad in the main uni building (3 restaurants and 3 shops) - got some very funny looks and no salad....

    (put this in wrong section first...)

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    Sales must be flagging.



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      My dad's doc put him on a statin and it nearly killed him. It caused a really unsafe drop in his blood pressure.

      Sometimes I think doctor's ideas of what constitutes "safe" and "healthy" are drastically different from mine. I had a doc that said that a certain beta blocker he wanted me to take was so safe it should be put in the water supply. I checked it out and the data sheet for it said one of the side effects of taking it was death. Um, no thanks. And it definitely doesn't belong in the water.
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        I suppose when you have a hammer, lots of things look like nails. My first inkling that dr might not always know best came when a friend admitted to the college doctor that he was sometimes anxious, and dr started talking enthusiastically about putting him on beta blockers. Then I mentioned annual chilblains, and he was all excited about an operation that could be done to sever certain nerves to hands and feet to prevent that. Hm, yes, thank you, very interesting, I'll just be backing away calmly towards the door now...

        And yes, statins. Heh. A friend who is 92, female, has never had a heart attack or angina... is on a statin. I have a nasty feeling I'm seeing the effects in her short-term memory - and she's starting to notice it, too. Of course the most important thing to her is to be able to carry on living independently in her own home, and what does a statin do for her chances of that? Oh, how I would like five minutes alone with her doctor.


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          Doctors are largely conservative and risk averse. We are all probably guilty of doing things because that's what we have always done. I feel incredibly lucky that the internet has provided me with access to so much information/ propaganda so that I can make up my own mind. I'd still be eating wholewheat bread and cutting the fat off my steak wondering why I was slowly getting too fat for my suit even though I am exercising's there for everyone who gives enough of a crap about their health to find out (including doctors).
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            Incredibly, few doctors understand the statistics that are published in research papers, the presentation of which is always skewed to give the impression of significant benefit. In many respects, the reviewers and publishers are failing their audience by allowing this to happen, rather than forcing the publication of more meaningful statistics, such as absolute risk and number needed to treat, rather than relative risk, in the headline. Then it'd be much easier to see what are waste of money are many of the prescriptions they write, even before you start considering the potential for harm that is always minimised in the published studies
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              That reminds me -

              Petition to get all trials published - to prevent the suppression of unwanted results. Worth signing, IMO.