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The ultimate legacy of that fool Keys

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  • The ultimate legacy of that fool Keys

    Here's where we've ended up thanks to the demonization of dietary fat -- because, after all, protein is only 10 to 15 % of the average diet, so that if you go low-fat (for totally spurious reasons) what else are you going to fill up on?

    Answer: carbohydrate, and specifically refined carbohydrate, which is cheap to produce, ship, and store.

    A recent survey now shows that over a quarter of British five-year-old suffer fron dental caries. Infants shoulf just not have to put up with this. The knowledge to prevent this state of affairs has been out there since the time of Stefansson and Price. And, as Price shows us, bad teeth seem but to be a visible symptom of deeper systemic problems. Here's the story:

    More than a QUARTER of five-year-olds in England have tooth decay, with children in the North West the worst affected | Mail Online

    Thank you ***ing Ancel Keys.