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    Has anyone read this book by Shannon Hayes? I read the introduction on the website and it sounds SO interesting, and exactly what I had been looking for. Would love to hear feedback!

    Here is the link for the introduction

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    This book looks amazing, im going to have to buy it when I have time to read it. My husband and I want to buy 200 acres and build 2 earthship houses on it and have our own grass fed homestead (Lambs, cows, chickens a few pigs and a horse or 2 but not gonna eat the horses). When his dad dies we will probably use his inheritance to do this. Right now we have 45 acres but its not fenced and its out in the prairie we want to be in the mountains.
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      This is along the lines my family is heading. I will be picking up this book for sure!
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        Do radical home makers understand Capitalism though?

        (No, unlike the commies I won't give up.)


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          Scott & Helen Nearing were pioneers in this movement in the 1950s. "Living the Good Life" is an amazing read with principles that can still be applied to current times. Highly recommend!