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A moderate copper deficiency may make moderate fructose intake dangerous

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  • A moderate copper deficiency may make moderate fructose intake dangerous

    Would seem prudent to eat liver regularly for the copper if you enjoy fructose

    Evidence Central: Modest fructose beverage intake causes liver injury and fat accumulation in marginal copper deficient rats.
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    But there is this: Dietary fructose or starch: effects on copper... [Am J Clin Nutr. 1989] - PubMed - NCBI

    Though, I also have seen that fructose decreases the activity of the copper enzyme superoxide dismutase, so, I need to research more. Eating liver, oysters, and chocolate is always good anyway.
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      Copper is one of those things I just can't nail down. For every person saying how easy it is to get too much, there is another person saying we need more!

      I guess adding in liver, oysters, and chocolate does seem like a pretty safe bet though.
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        We could all just start swallowing pennies. Copper AND zinc! Score!