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Article: Placebo effect getting stronger

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  • Article: Placebo effect getting stronger

    This article from (and the reference articles) states that the placebo effect has strengthened.
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    That's really interesting - I remember reading somewhere (I think it was Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson) that in some traditions your body type is considered an expression of your internal temperament that can change over time or through having a life-changing or mystical experience. The human mind can do some pretty wacked-out stuff.


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      DId you notice that pretty much ALL of the conditions mentioned in the WIRED article had significant psychological elements - depression, anxiety, psychiatric disorders, even PMT - even Crohn's isn't 100% physiological as the emotions have a powerful effect on gut chemistry - I'm not talking 'thinking you feel bad' but real physical effects - blood flow, hormones and such - caused by your emotional status.

      So really, it's the 'state the bleeding obvious' society of research going on there. The little sidebar - colored pills to 'wake you up' and 'calm you down'. Duh!

      If they were talking about placebo effect working on malaria, measles, HIV, tuberculosis... then that's worth reporting.


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        Eh, placebo pills/placebo interventions aren't really free. The cost is either believing in something that isn't true, or living in a society in which doctors are free to give you placebo pills without telling you.


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          Originally posted by Helen in Oz View Post
          If they were talking about placebo effect working on malaria, measles, HIV, tuberculosis... then that's worth reporting.


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            My bet is that this has a lot to do with epigentics. The "gene expression" that Mark and Dr. Mercola are always talking about. Feeling good, thinking positively, and expectations of improvement can influence our genes to "turn on" disease-fighting and body-repairing functions. All of you people losing weight, spend a little time in meditation and then will yourself to burn fat. Your body just might listen!

            Of course there is no replacement for a lot of real physiological elements, but there is definitely a mental factor. We can't turn on the gene expression for great nutrition or a vaccination.
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