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  • Post Primal Experience (P.O.P.E.)

    Are there anyone out here who has moved to back to a conventional (macro-nutrient wise) diet after being Primal for significant period of time (i.e. experienced significant weightloss, wellbeing etc)?
    What changes have you observed? Have you put on weight and if so how quickly have you gained? What sort of gain (fat mass, water weight?)?
    Few but ripe.

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    I have been eating primal for about a year. Lately been increasing the carbs from veges eg kumara and fruit.

    But over the last few days I have gone off plan a lot more than usual - pudding out at a family dinner, pie for lunch the next day, three homemade cookies, dessert, several bowls of cereal. It's already causing me to bloat and to gain weight (as gauged by a measuring tape round my hips and waist). Worse, it's making me crave more carbohydrates and feel constantly hungry, exactly the problems that went away when I follow primal faithfully.

    So, getting back on the bandwagon asap. In fact it will have to be pretty strict for a few days, without snacks.
    Annie Ups the Ante


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      Thanks for sharing Annie.

      I am curious to know if primal adaptation leads to increased propensity to store fat in case of changes in diet.
      Few but ripe.


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        I doubt it. It's the non-primal eating that makes one store fat!

        It's also real easy to get back to strict primal after a holiday or something where you've been out of routine.
        Annie Ups the Ante


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          I have unintentionally fallen off these past two weeks. Well one week was actually on purpose because I was doing an experiment with wheat and grains. So all I did there was back off the fats a little while still eating mostly healthy foods. I added in common grain foods like oatmeal, tortillas, and a few sandwiches. Then my schedule got changed so I didn't prep properly and wound up eating subway a couple times for lunch. Basically I had the diet of a moderate CW trying to eat healthy.

          The verdict, I did gain a couple pounds in two weeks, maybe an average of two, while my workouts didn't change. My digestion went to hell and well stop it mostly at that was the point of the experiment. I have been suspecting a bit of wheat allergies for a while now but now although I doubt it's serious like celiac or anything, I think it's gotten to the point where I may just have to avoid it. Like forever. Really it sucked. However, the I intended consequences (GUYS SKIP TO THE END JUST BE WARNED) were that my period was bad like it hadn't been in years. I stopped taking birth control to take it almost a year ago but have been eating more or less primal for longer. Oh my god. Male it stop. Naow. Also I broke out with exactly the same severity. I haven't had much of a breakout for probably a year. Ugh.

          So I will be getting back on the primal wagon ASAP. Grocery shopping tomorrow!


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            Originally posted by RittenRemedy View Post
            Basically I had the diet of a moderate CW trying to eat healthy.

            The verdict, I did gain a couple pounds in two weeks, maybe an average of two, while my workouts didn't change. My digestion went to hell
            Hey Ritten, this was a good experiment, just the kind of thing to make one want to go straight back to primal. I can hardly believe that I kept up that sort of eating for like 20 years or more !!! When it simply didn't work. I guess I just didn't know what else to do.

            I am really annoyed at myself at the moment, finding it a bit tough to stick to my guns while also trying to feed a family of five. It's not that I want to fill up on rice and oats and pastry, but just gotta make it stretch. Not feeling the greatest at the moment and looking back at my photos of a few months ago I was so FIT and HAPPY (also, it was summer, haha).

            Happy grocery shopping
            Annie Ups the Ante


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              Originally posted by RittenRemedy
              I know how you feel in a way at least. I am really fortunate now to be able to afford to experiment and mess up and eat good food. I am sort of dreading going back to college and not having a steady paycheck and having to be really frugal. I am already pretty frugal normally, like I don't have to really work on saving, I just don't spend a lot very often.

              Good luck with your family! It can be done, but there are some compromises you can make to stretch what you have. So long as you are eating mostly good food, you are still going to be that much more healthy. I think if I find I am overspending in college I will probably add back in legumes which don't have the same effect on me as grains.
              thanks for the legume tip - I kinda forgot about them.
              Annie Ups the Ante