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Very dry skin

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  • Very dry skin


    I've been living the primal lifestyle for about 6 months now and I'm loving it! I have great energy, I've lost some weight, and I'm feeling good! The only problem is my extremely dry skin. It's not a rash, but peeling become its so dry.

    I've been researching and found it could be because of the accumulated toxins in my fat that are being released, candida, or because I'm not getting enough glucose. I've been putting coconut oil and baby oil on my skin to no avail :-(

    Has anyone else has this problem? Should I introduce more "safe" carbs into my diet? Did a lotion or an oil work for you?

    I really appreciate the responses. I don't want to stop eating this way but my skin's pretty disgusting :-(

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    Are you eating enough fat and drinking enough water? That's what normally affects mine the most.
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      I believe so! Maybe I'll eat more fat. Thanks for your response


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        Zinc and vitamin E are good for skin growth and repair.

        Lots of primal foods have these in abundance: shellfish, meat, pepitas, for zinc and avocado, olive oil, all the nuts for vit E.

        If you do need a zinc supplement, zinc piccolate is most easily absorbable I believe.


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          Liver. You're welcome.
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            Thanks, Mutton, for the response


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              Coconut oil works amazingly! I use it as a lotion after I shower right before bedtime!


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                You could try adding some gelatin to you diet.


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                  Lotions and oils are good, but they are really just temporary fixes. They don't stop what's causing the dry skin, they just help the skin not be dry.

                  Carbs are not evil, though I don't know of them having an effect on skin. I would try more fats and oils; I know people who have had success with fish oil tablets, as well. Really, you gotta fix it from within, too, not just cover it up with lotions and oil. Try the fats/oils in your diet, and if that doesn't work I would maybe see someone about it. I also knew a person who had an issue where skin grew too fast, and thus had peely feet/hands.
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                    Coconut oil can be very drying to the skin for some people. Try using olive oil or some other oil of your choice.
                    What do you use to clean your skin? Be as gentle as possible in that area. And be careful with the baby oil, they can have nasty ingredients. Gentle Dry brushing is good and avoid water as much as possible.
                    But as Kathleen is saying, gotta look to working at it from the inside first.


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                      Try making some bone broth and having some every day. It made such a huge difference in my hair, skin and nails. I find coconut oil makes a big difference too - not necessarily applying it, but cooking with it. If you're using any seed oils, switch them out for CO and OO.
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                        Almond oil is gentle to the skin, and good old lanolin is great but a bit sticky. I'd advise more fats and oil in the diet too, and at least 2 litres water daily.
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                          I had dry skin issues before i went primal. upper arms, scalp, sides of nose, and a few random spots here and there. Nothing serious, but enough to be annoying when I'd get out of the shower and everything was flaking.

                          I've stopped using soap/shampoo and that has definitely helped a lot. Any time I try using either, I step out of the shower flaking as before.

                          Luke-warm rather than hot showers only helped a tiny bit. Coconut / olive oil are definitely useful topical applications, but they for sure are not solutions to the problem. I've tried tea tree/jojoba oil mixes for my scalp but that didn't seem to help any. I cut out nightshades for a few weeks but that didn't help any. I seem to notice more issues in the days after eating non-primal, so i try to focus on eating clean and that keeps everything in check for the most part


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                            The biggest thing that improved my skin was installing a whole house water filtering system. Also eating more saturated fat has helped my ashy epidermis, mainly lard, butter and fatty meats.