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Fish and Leptin Sensitivity

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  • Fish and Leptin Sensitivity

    Interesting. This research suggests that a diet rich in fish could improve leptin sensitivity.

    Just my take:

    Could it be that fish could have this effect on humans because if grok and his tribe were to live by a lake/river etc. there would be a much more stable supply of food than if we had to go out and hunt which wasn't always successful? A diet rich in fish could signal to the body that there is a reliable source of food and thus increase leptin sensitivity decreasing appetite and ultimately that less body fat needs to be stored.

    Any thoughts? Quite interesting this whole leptin thing!
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    Interesting, where was the research? could you post the link if it was online? cheers


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      This is very interesting as I seem to drop fat faster when eating a lot of fish. Maybe I'll try a salmon a day week challenge.
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        oh sorry, I was sure I included the link


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          Right well leptin signals to the brain and DHA is pretty ballin' for the brain. And EPA greatly reduces inflammation which I suspect is at the root of many diseases (amongst other things but inflammation is probably the heaviest hitter) so I'm not surprised.

          There really isn't much animal-based omega 3 in anyone's diet unless they buy pastured meat, take fish oil or eat fish. This was reflected in the study and I think that it's the best explanation
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            Point of clarification: as I read the abstract, the study showed a difference in leptin levels, not leptin sensitivity. Current thinking is that most obese folks secrete plenty of leptin -- but their brains are resistant to the signal.