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NYT ref: Cog. imprmt following high fat diet associated with brain inflammation

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  • NYT ref: Cog. imprmt following high fat diet associated with brain inflammation

    Hey there,

    I read Olivia Hudson's "Brain Damage" post in NYT today with great interest, since my mother suffers from dementia as a complication from Type II diabetes (in my opinion).

    Here's the post:

    She references lots of good sources on how being fat is associated with Alzheimer's later in life. I agree with most of her conclusions regarding staying fit and exercising helping protect the brain. One reference gave me pause, though. Here's the quote:

    "Studies in mice have shown that eating a very-high-fat diet increases brain inflammation and disrupts brain function."

    "Very high fat" being 60%, sourced from lard.

    I found the abstract:

    Gotta love columnists who give their sources! Anyone familiar with this study enough to have opinions about its protocols and conclusions? I think of the China Study and feeding rabbits whey protein, "proving" animal source protein is bad, but don't know enough about how these studies are set up to determine how much merit this study might have.

    Thanks for any insight,


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    NYTimes is really on a fat-free kick lately.

    Regarding the rats - here - someone posted the Alzheimer's article that referenced that study and these are the responses:
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      For example, one long-term study of more than 6,500 people in northern California found that those who were fat around the middle at age 40 were more likely to succumb to dementia in their 70s.
      Very interesting. Fat around the middle is a sign of excess carbohydrate consumption. Maybe eating too many carbs, which make you fat, can affect brain function!!

      There is not enough information in the extract to really comment on the rat study. Notice how they say that with the western diet they 'significantly' increased weight and the HF diet they just increased weight. Am I to infer from this that the rats with the higher fat diet did not put on as much weight as those on the western diet? Can't really say any more as there is not enough information.
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