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  • "Paleolithic Diet is Associated With Unfavorable Changes to Blood Lipids...

    "Paleolithic Diet is Associated With Unfavorable Changes to Blood Lipids in Healthy Subjects". Hm...anyone google this?

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    I don't bother with those. Within a day or two it will be debunked.


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      Why would I google that. This is the research section. Do you have a research study or not? I've seen most report positive trends in blood lipids as defined by CVD risk.

      Oh, hell I couldn't help myself. Is this a student paper or was this actually published? This tends to stand out in the analysis:

      "Subjects also decreased body weight (177.6 5.8 lbs to 170.6 5.3 lbs; P < 0.001) and BF% (24.3 1.2% to 20.7 1.2%; P < 0.05), while increasing VO2max (3.18 0.14 L/min to 3.46 0.15 L/min; P < 0.001)."

      So maybe the conclusion is: "In a small sample size of 43 individuals there is a blood lipid change that we cannot quantify as good or bad due to concurrent self lipid mobilization as fuel when losing body fat in individuals adopting the Paleo ad libitum eating protocol. All other markers for health improved on the Paleo protocol so perhaps we should rethink cholesterol as a marker. Further research is warranted in weight stable populations. "

      Oh, silly cholesterol studies. Actually when I look at the TC for these kids my first thought is.... damn those values are too low to be healthy.
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        I dunno. In 3 years, my lipid profile has gone from great to more than excellent and hubby is off of lipitor. I'll stick by my n=2 data.
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          Lipid panels are pretty meaningles unless and until your weight has stabilised.

          If you are losing weight because lipids are being liberated from your adipose tissue (fat), who cares if that temporarily means that you have higher levels of blood lipids?
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            Unfavorable to whom? The statin industry?
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              I love research papers.

              TC/HDL increased to a statistically significant degree (3.00.2 to 3.30.2; P < 0.05).
              This ratio correlates best with CVD, and a ratio < 3.4 for men or 3.3 for women is the lowest tier, "very low risk." Average risk is from 5.0 to 9.5. Above 9.5 you get into what is deemed "moderate risk", which is 2x the risk of the average group.

              So, these poor paleo people moved their TC/HDL ratio slightly in the wrong direction, but still kept it in the very low risk category while increasing VO2 Max, lowering body weight by 7 lbs, and losing an average of 4% body fat. Was it worth it? It's a personal decision ... my impression is yea verily.

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                This make me feel so much better!! I wasn't worried until I started seeing others posts. I have high cholesterol from eating crap and was hoping this would be much improved!