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Food Revolution "what you should really eat"/ Article on Supplements

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  • Food Revolution "what you should really eat"/ Article on Supplements

    Hello everyone, I've been here for awhile but just signed up because I had not seen anything posted on these two things...that seems...overlooked? It's interesting regardless and to keep an open mind about things and always to poke even at your own findings for flaws. Anywho enjoy.

    The food revolution one is a limited time only listen I think, I recommend listening to
    Joel Fuhrman, M.D. Why Be A Nutritarian first, it pokes at paleo a little bit with over consumption of meat.
    What nobody really mentions that I heard was the quality of the source of meat (which in everything the source is really the most important, in with good out with good ). I think it's really important food education should be more widespread, information seems really disorganized and research is constantly yo-yoed back in forth in favor or to debunk things. Asking the question in the first place though is the key. Also note that these different variations in diets, vegans, vegetarians which ____ are you going to remove , bread , meat , legumes etc... it's like pick your x factor, however what is most optimal is probably a well rounded balanced intake of variety's of nutritious foods, the confusion seems to be on what is nutritious exactly, and the state(quality) of supermarket bought products which are mighty convenient but come at a price clearly. It would just be nice to see more focus, these different angles on what is optimal for nutrition seem a little silly if you take ethics/morals/philosophy out of it, personally I'd like to know just, what is the best way to go? (Note that I'm well aware of this sites resources/topics covered and I think primal is prettty top notch).

    May 1: What Should You Eat, Really? | Food Revolution Summit

    "No Evidence Drugs, Vitamins, Supplements Help Prevent Cognitive Decline in Healthy Older Adults"
    No evidence drugs, vitamins, supplements help prevent cognitive decline in healthy older adults