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Big cat with bad teeth

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  • Big cat with bad teeth

    Here's an interesting story.

    The skeleton of a big cat turned up in a museum storeroom in Bristol and was analysed by scientists at Durham and other universities. It had been shot in the British countryside (in Devonshire) around 1900 -- feral big cats are no new phenomenon -- after it killed two dogs.

    It turns out to be a lynx. It was obviously one that had been kept in captivity and had either escaped or been enlarged. The scientists know that because its teeth were so bad:

    Laboratory analysis of the Bristol specimen's bones and teeth established it had been kept in captivity long enough to develop severe tooth loss and plaque before it either escaped or was deliberately released into the wild.
    I think there's a primal moral there somewhere ...

    Museum find proves exotic 'big cat' prowled British countryside a century ago