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Low fasting blood glucose

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  • Low fasting blood glucose

    Hi all, I have a question about blood glucose that I haven't been able to find an answer for in the forums. I had a health screening today (about 2 months after starting a paleo diet) which included a fasting blood test. I had lower than normal blood glucose (52) which the nurse seemed a little concerned about and told me to go eat something (she recommended wheat of all things, which of course I didn't!). For reference, I pulled up last year's results which showed fasting glucose of 91 (well before paleo, when I was doing chronic cardio and eating lots of carbs). I have no history of diabetes, had fasted about 18 hours at that point, and felt fine. Is the low blood glucose anything I should be be concerned about? Or does it just reflect the fact that I'm not eating many carbs?

    I'd appreciate any feedback!

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    52 is worrisome, low carb or not. Your body tries very hard to maintain BG in the 80-100 range and will keep it there right up until you die of starvation in a prolonged fast, even.

    If it was me, I'd run to Walgreen's and buy a cheap BG tester and a bunch of test strips. Check your FBG every morning and at 15-30 minute intervals for 3-4 hours after eating to see what's really happening.

    Your FBG should be in the 80-120 range, preferably in the 85-95 range.

    There may have been a problem with the tester the nurse used or something is going on. If you check FBG for a week and you are consistently under 70, see a doc!


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      Thanks so much for the useful information. The test was one of those 15-minute speed tests, which were way off on my cholesterol readings last year, compared to the real lab test. So hopefully it was a similar problem, but I am definitely going to buy a tester and keep an eye on things for the next few days.


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        I believe that the blood work requisite says not more that 16 hrs of fasting? for that reason maybe?
        Just sayin


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          Thanks, that could be it too. The reason I had been fasting for so long was because I couldn't get an appointment before early afternoon, and I chose to sleep instead of staying up all night eating . I got a blood glucose kit and so far everything looks at the lower end of normal after meals (max 126) and after a normal overnight fast (68 and 71).

          I do think it's interesting though that my FBG levels did drop quite a bit since staring paleo. I've been searching for other people with this experience, but if anything, the opposite seems to be more common. Something to keep an eye on I suppose. For the last couple weeks I was really cutting out my carbs, so maybe I can monitor my FBG to optimize my carb intake, especially after exercising.