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MacDonald's food damages cat's heakth

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  • MacDonald's food damages cat's heakth

    No better for cats than humans ...

    I guess reformed "nuggets", buns, and food cooked in industrial seed oils didn't do this feline much good;

    A cat who ate McDonald’s for a whole year has been rescued by an animal welfare organization.

    Frankie, a New Zealand stray tom who was abandoned while still a kitten, was left to fend for himself for more than a year. For that entire period, he hung around a McDonald’s parking lot and begged for scraps. ...

    ... The stray would regularly plead for chicken nuggets and beef patties from drive-through customers.

    But, when Frankie’s health started to show signs of deteriorating in recent weeks, SPCA field officer Jessica Watson stepped in. Jessica, who is caring for Frankie while she looks for a family to adopt him ...
    Cat Who Ate McDonald’s For A Year Is Rescued

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    Taurene is essential to a cat's health, and it's added to ALL commercial cat foods. Cats in nature get their taurene from the prey they eat. This poor cat was not getting his essential nutrients from the McDonald's. Unfortunately, a cat will do whatever is easier (they are hedonists at heart), so the availability of the McDonald's would keep the cat satisfied, so that he didn't bother hunting prey for food.

    If there's any proof that fast food is full of addictive additives, watch a cat who is normally a finicky eater. My guy ignores most 'people food,' and I don't eat fast food. But my sister came to visit and brought some KFC that should bought to eat on the road and hadn't finished. My cat went nuts for it. She gave him a piece, and he kept licking that horrendous coating (although he was wise enough to only nibble it).