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  • confused about cholesterol

    I'm trying to understand the opinion of PB's on cholesterol but the info I'm reading on here is confusing and sort of sounds contradictory to each other. So far I have read How to interpret your cholesterol results, Peter Attia's write up part 1 and 2, The definitive guide to cholesterol, & Griffs thread.

    How to interpret your cholesterol results says LDL particles oxidize. Once oxidized, LDL particles are taken up by the endothelium to form atherosclerotic plaque so they don’t damage the blood vessel. Apart from not understanding what is meant by the atherosclerotic plaque forms so they don't damage the blood vessel??? It contradicts Peter Attia's write up part 1 and 2 which says after a LDL particle gets into the sub-endothelial space and takes up “illegal” residence (i.e., binds to arterial wall proteoglycans), it is subject to oxidative forces, and as one would expect an inflammatory response is initiated.

    So one says oxidation occurs to LDL particles, THEN it is deposited into the endothelium, the other says an LDL particle displaying ApoB deposits into the endothelium of arteries and THEN undergoes oxidation. Im confused which one is right... oxidize before or after depositing into the endothelium?

    Also I cant seem to find something that has explained WHY these LDL particles displaying apoB lodge into the endothelium of arteries. Peter Attia's write up part 1 and 2 says "it is a gradient driven process " but I have no idea what that means? Do we actually know why LDL's lodge in arterial walls?