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-ndustrial seed oils and heart disease

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  • -ndustrial seed oils and heart disease

    If the media have now stopped running around like headless chickens after the supposed threat to the heart posed by evil red meat, here's a REAL story.

    This is an interview with Joseph Hibblen a Navy doctor with the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

    Joe Hibbeln: More “Vegetable” Oil? MORE Heart Deaths | Me and My Diabetes

    Editorís Note:* For 50 years, world health policies have relied on research done in the 1960s about just what kinds of fats and oils do the best job of lowering blood cholesterol.* Lowering cholesterol was considered a sure sign that heart attack risk was going down as well.* Now, data recovered from one of those studies reveals that over time, the people who ate the oils that lowered their blood cholesterol more actually died more often of all causes, and they also died more often of heart disease.* Itís a story of mis-placed confidence in vegetable oils, too much Omega 6 oil, and not enough Omega 3.* For more, letís listen in to Joe Hibbeln, from the National Institutes of Health.
    Podcast interview as MP3 and transcript.

    It kicks off with this sobering statement from Captain Hibbeln:

    Weíve been concerned that the advice for nearly a half century has been to increase polyunsaturated fat intake without specificity.* That is, without saying which of the polyunsaturated fats should be important.* We have been concerned that this dietary advice was based on studies that used a mixture of polyunsaturated fats. ...

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    Very interesting, especially the obese mice.
    Annie Ups the Ante


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      Yes, absolutely. IIRC, Hibbeln's people at the NIH had shown with mice that diets of 60% fat, 35% fat, and 10% fat would all produce obesity so long as linoleic acid was 8% of calories or more (I.e. What it is the average diet now).

      Obviously, mice aren't humans, but the possible implications are still huge. Likely even a low-carb diet isn't going to help so long as you're eating margarine & food fried in soy oil. Where's the precedent for that? as Prof. Cordain might have said.

      I've seen interesting stuff from Hibbeln before. I liked his accuracy & care for truth in this podcast, and obvious wish not to out-run the data, too. I'm rather in awe. Captain? They should make him an admiral!