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    A blogger wrote to Lalonde to request the spreadsheet of his results and got this response:

    "I put the data through a stress test and found some inconsistencies. It turns out that there was too much variance in the data to use a standardization method. As such, I completely revamped my approach and divided the nutrient data by the RDA in order to make the values unitless and bring them within similar orders of magnitude. I’m now working on getting the data published and cannot share the spreadsheet until this is done.

    I’m probably going to publish this data in a paleo book in the near future. Not my book but a collaboration between various paleo experts. For the record, the reformatting does not affect my conclusions and, in fact, makes grains and legumes look even worse."

    A Quick Update on Mat Lalonde's Research on Nutrient Density - Ketopia


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      Thanks for the link. That's an awesome site. Lots of good info in one place.


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        You're very welcome!


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          Thanks, that was hugely impressive. Probably the most informative aspect of the presentation was at the beginning, where he revealed how the current nutrient density indices (such as those at Whole Foods Market) intentionally diminish meat's scores by simply omitting Vitamin B12 and other nutrients that most meats are rich in.

          The elite vegetarians fake their figures more than ENRON's accounting team. Even the ClimateGate dudes are going, "Hey, scientists are supposed to be objective about data!"

          I greatly look forward to the next, more refined incarnation of this research. However, there is one major flaw in this, and that is at the very first step in the process: testing the different foods' chemical constitution. The report's dependance on the nutrient calculations from the FDA and other government entities throws a cloud over everything. The paleo community tends to disregard government "data" and advice (that's what I have learned to do from the paleo community, for sure). So it would be fantastic (though cost prohibitive) to re-sample all the different foods to get new values. I know that this would be a major, major undertaking. But it is something that I hope these great dudes give thought to.


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            I just watched this and my thought was that while the author took pains to distinguish raw vs cooked grains and legumes, there is arguably a third category that he did not include, which is sprouted.

            Sprouted legumes are eaten widely raw as well as cooked, ditto grains; sprouted dehydrated bread Essene style, technically *raw* and cooked sprouted grain loaves.

            The general view point is that sprouting increases nutrients scores and digestibility, significantly. I do not favour these food types, for me they are not health-promoting; but I would be interested to see the data nonetheless.

            Edit: Hope it's OK to comment on an 'old' thread, just noticed date!
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              thanks. gonna give this a watch today


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                Originally posted by not on the rug View Post
                thanks. gonna give this a watch today
                Spoiler alert:

                Pork wins.


                And yet the same guy has written several articles on why grass-fed red meats should be our primary protein source and other meats, particularly pork, should be eaten sparingly.
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