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Factor7deficiency:Rare blood disorder Please Help!

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  • Factor7deficiency:Rare blood disorder Please Help!

    Hey everyone, im posting this up for a friend of mine whos in big trouble. Shes 19 yrs old and has a rare blood disorder known as factor 7 deficiency. Basically when she bleeds it takes forever to stop, she bruises phenomenally in any situation , its pretty bad. The problem now is that she has 5 wisdom teeth that need to come out, her dentist said it will kill her if she doesnt take them out, and her doctor cant give her any medication because that will most probably kill her as well. They sent her blood to somewhere in france, but shes been waiting 10 months for an answer, shes utterly lost. If anyone has any experience with this or maybe an idea of where i can look to get help itd be appreciated! P.S. She is not paleo or primal.

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    She has 5 wisdom teeth? Maybe she misunderstood.

    Try hypnosis. Both pain and bleeding can be suppressed by a good hypnotherapist. Of course this should happen with the co-operation of her doctor and/or dentist.


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      Originally posted by eKatherine View Post
      Try hypnosis. Both pain and bleeding can be suppressed by a good hypnotherapist.
      Boggle. If she's functionally a hemophiliac, her bleeding will NOT be suppressed by a hypnotherapist. I would not try silly things like that cause when (not if) it fails she's likely to die.

      Factor VII deficiency can be genetic or acquired. If acquired, it can be fixed but it also means she has other serious problems. If it's genetic for her, well, she'll have to live her life very carefully.
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        This girl needs a good hematologist who understands coagulation! Not all hematologists are good at that. Factor VII deficiency is a form of hemophilia (blood clotting doesn't work well) and can be serious. Here is a link to hemophilia foundations website:
        Factor VII Deficiency

        Humans have a maximum of 4 wisdom teeth but she could of course need another tooth pulled.

        My experience is that with unusual/rare problems University Medical centers are often a good idea. It is very possible that local private docs and dentists, no matter how good, are in over their heads with her, and your narrative implies that they understand the problem. I'd have her in to a hematologist in no time if it were my daughter.
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