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Hit the gym or toss & turn: Sleep quality tied by ‘compelling association’

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  • Hit the gym or toss & turn: Sleep quality tied by ‘compelling association’

    On the heels of news that Canada’s adult obesity rates have reached historic highs, a new study offers some extra incentive to hit the gym: a better night’s sleep.

    Researchers have discovered a “compelling association” between weekly physical activity and improved sleep quality — including reduced incidences of sleep apnea and insomnia — according to a report released Monday. The relationship is so strong, in fact, they say simply adding 10 minutes of walking to your day is likely to improve your Zs.

    “There is a relationship there, and it’s sequentially greater as people exercise more,” said Max Hirshkowitz, an associate professor at Baylor College of Medicine and a sleep researcher with more than three decades in the field. “Really, it confirms what should be common sense.”

    Gosh, it seems exercise helps you sleep better! Who knew!!!

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    I wonder if that was a long study. Imagine studying such an obvious thing. Or maybe these days obvious things don't count unless there is data to back up common sense.
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