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Primal for auto-immune issues: looking for UK case histories!

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  • Primal for auto-immune issues: looking for UK case histories!

    Hello all

    I'm a UK based journalist and film-maker who went Primal a year ago after meeting someone who had lost a lot of weight painlessly. I was, at the time, at the end of my tether: extremely overweight from months of high-dose steroids and with no relief from the uveitis that was threatening my sight. The root cause of my uveitis was thought to be anti-phospholipid syndrome (APS), an auto-immune problem that means you clot too easily, leaving me, additionally, at high risk of thrombosis. Two blood tests, six months apart, showed I had very high levels of the antibodies that point to APS.

    I went Primal to lose weight, not to cure my uveitis or my APS. But my uveitis disappeared within three months. Three months later, I asked to be re-tested for APS and the test came back negative. I have just been re-tested. I am still negative. I'm on no medication at all now, I have lost 60lbs and I feel a different person.

    I should qualify the above in saying that some experts won't diagnose APS definitively without additional clinical symptoms (which I didn't have); so it remains possible that the antibody tests were anomalous. That my uveitis has gone, however, is unequivocally true.

    I am now writing an article for the Daily Mail here in the UK on my own experience and want to open it up to include UK case histories of those who have tried going Primal/Paeleo not just to help them lose weight and gain energy, but to resolve long-standing health issues.

    I now also have interest from top uveitis researchers here in the UK re doing a patient study looking at diet and uveitis and am looking for case histories to encourage them, too!

    I am of course happy to hear from those for whom it hasn't worked, as well as those who believe it has!

    Thank you for reading.

    Jemima Harrison
    Passionate Productions

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    Not in the UK, however I have no asthma issues since going primal. If I do have any difficulty breathing ever it is a direct result of "falling off the primal wagon." Usually only happens if I eat out and recovery is fast. Most often not requiring anything other than water and a couple of cups of green tea, if that.