No announcement yet. it Primal, or is it a bunch of chemicals?

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  • it Primal, or is it a bunch of chemicals?

    It tastes great, and keeps me full until lunch... but should I keep using it? See link to product information below.

    Shakeology Shake - Shakeology Doctor Reviews - Healthiest Meal of the Day - - Shakeology

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    I'm impressed that you could stay full on something with so few calories and very little nutritional density.
    It looks like a multi-vitamin. Why not just eat food?
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      He's having a lot of fun traveling around the world, or just South America. But 'Superfoods' don't interest me. I like to eat fresh, whole, and nutrient dense.
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        I have yet to stumble across a Shakology tree in the wilds....


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          I don't consider Shake-o to be primal, but I use it myself. I make a shake using one scoop Shake-o and 1 scoop Plant Fusion - both are vegan because I'm allergic to dairy- and that has 38g protein, 21g carbs and is mostly good (albeit highly processed) ingredients and keeps me full until lunch. I'd love to be full on Primal but the bottom line is my time is limited and the shake in the morning is a fast breakfast for me.
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