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antisperm antibodies after vasectomy reversal--autoimmune thoughts?

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  • antisperm antibodies after vasectomy reversal--autoimmune thoughts?

    My partner and I have been primal for a year now and we--particularly he--is stupidly fit and healthy. We never get sick; he happily goes digging in mud and clay and running up hills and doesn't snore and basically exudes happy health.

    Unfortunately, his sperm don't. He had his vasectomy reversed a year ago, and although he has many sperm coming through, they are 100% agglutinated across the tails. Basically, when you look at them under the microscope, you see lots of vigorous, well-formed sperm "shaking" in enormous clumps as their tails are agglutinated together.

    The CW on this is that it sometimes happens after vasectomies--that the body's immune system has now "seen" the previously invisible sperm and developed antibodies to them that attach through the semen--and that there's nothing we can do about it, other than IVF-ICSI. (And given the particularly severe nature of his agglutination, IVF might not work either.)

    But the research also says that there isn't necessarily a relationship between antisperm antibody levels and fertility, and anecdotal reports say that the levels of agglutination sometimes change over time, and antisperm antibodies are sometimes tied to asymptomatic infections, which seems entirely plausible after a vasectomy reversal....

    The only other diet step I can think of is to try the paleo autoimmune protocol, but--well, we don't have any other symptoms of autoimmune diseases, and I'm reluctant to take that step without some indication that it might help his immune system "forget" the sperm. He doesn't have any inflammatory symptoms.

    Does anyone have any thoughts, please? Has anyone dealt with this before?

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    I think trying the autoimmune protocol certainly couldn't hurt. I don't know very much about reversals though, if it would help or not. You might ask his urologist about anything else that could be done. I have heard about the reversals having to be done a second time. I'm not sure if that was to fix agglutination or something else though.