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Diets bad for the teeth are also bad for the body

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  • Diets bad for the teeth are also bad for the body

    From the article:

    "Hujoel reviewed the relationships between diet, dental disease, and chronic systemic illness in a report published July 1 in the Journal of Dental Research. He weighed two contradictory viewpoints on the role of dietary carbohydrates in health and disease. The debate surrounds fermentable carbohydates: foods that turn into simple sugars in the mouth. Fermentable carbohydrates are not just sweets like cookies, doughnuts, cake and candy. They also include bananas and several tropical fruits, sticky fruits like raisins and other dried fruits, and starchy foods like potatoes, refined wheat flour, yams, rice, pasta, pretzels, bread, and corn."

    I makes total sense to me...

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    Sounds like Weston A Price has been reincarnated!

    Yes just like the dietician some of my dentists accused me of eating "too much sugar" when I wasn't. However I *was* eating too much starch which had excatly the same effect. Teeth and gums are now hugely improved.

    Some good stuff here