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Coconut Oil for cooking: is it good or bad for you?

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  • Coconut Oil for cooking: is it good or bad for you?

    Well, obviously we all know the answer to this question
    This article was in the Globe and Mail yesterday (Not sure how obscure that is for non-Canadians... but its one of the biggest newspapers here)
    It's great that it doesn't totally trash coconut oil, but it does recommend also using canola and safflower oils (among others).

    What excited me the most is the comments though. I admit, I didn't read all of them, but there's some pretty overwhelming support for coconut oil, and condemnation of seed oils. MSM and the "experts" may not be on the boat yet.. but they're not doing as good of a job at fooling the masses!
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    The tide is slowly turning


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      At least most of the comments have got it right.
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        Ya the keyword is slowly.... I'm American living in Nova Scotia. I married a Canadian woman that I love totally.

        I was in a big supermarket today and I asked about Beef Ribs. The guy said ya they're really good, but if he makes them up and puts them out there, he hears it when they go in the dumpster.I ran into the same deal with flank/skirt steaks and a lot of other stuff. Blue cheese is still a new thing that hasn't caught on for the most part. You ever have a Cobb Salad with feta cheese? I have ... I love feta as well so its just a footnote .....but it was not as enjoyable as bleu .........

        PS. I grew up in a cooking family. My take was that I was into worldwide, cuisine before it was popular. I learned some chinese, cajun, whatever it was at the moment that I really liked.

        It can be tough up here some times ......


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          In my country (Austria) coconut oil has been used for a long time. But only in the refined version. Unrefined coconut oil though seems rather popular among young people.
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            I cook with coconut oil most of the time and think it is the best cooking oil to use. For variety, I sometimes use grapeseed oil for lower temperature stir fry.


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              I use coconut oil to fry my mushrooms or spinach in before adding the eggs to make my morning omeletty type breakfast. I reckon the result tastes even better than cooking it with butter.
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                Well of course an article is skewed toward Canola...grains and seed oils make up 1/3 of Canada's agricultural production, according to Wikipedia. Not including Cannabis of course - Canada's largest cash crop.

                This is the guide I follow:

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