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The Burden of Mood disorders - another reason for primal lifestyle?

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  • The Burden of Mood disorders - another reason for primal lifestyle?

    Came across this on PLOS (Public Library of Science)

    "Good op-ed out in Science by Hans-Ulirch Wittchen, an esteemed clinical psychologist in Germany, on the burden of mood disorders in industrial societies. He highlights the secondary or indirect costs of mood disorders, which are not as apparent as the more direct costs of something like heart disease."

    Op-ed in question here

    I think mood and behavioural side effects are a hard to measure and so overlooked aspects of our lifestyles and diets. We all know the physical benefits of a paleo diet and primal living, but I think as more research is done on topics like mood and depression the benefits of a more natural, evolutionary sound approach to diet will become increasingly apparent to more and more people.

    Towards the end of the short piece, the authour states
    "Reducing the burdens of mood disorders requires major shifts in research, clinical practice, and public health by incorporating multidisciplinary models of intervention."

    Hopefully such a shift will be away from conventional wisdom and towards more natural thinking.

    I for one felt far more relaxed and balanced after switching to paleo - and that was having lead what was pretty healthy lifestyle by conventional standards. Anyone else experience positive shifts in moods / emotions?
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    I am self-diagnosed as having been bipolar all my life, until Primal. I am convinced that it has pretty much cured me. My biggest problem was the inappropriate behavior when on the manic side. When I look back now, it is so obvious, but not then.
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      My sister has been on a number of drugs for depression. I often felt as if I ought to consider seeing a Dr. for depression even though I was managing to function pretty well. Since transitioning to primal, my mood is 1000x better.
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        Diets similar to this one, together with an strategy of supplementing with amino-acids that are precursors to any neurotransmitter/s that a patient appears to be deficient in, seem to be effective in treating "mood disorders":

        Julia Ross' THE MOOD CURE

        Someone else who uses a similar approach -- her name escapes me at the moment -- says apropos "talk therapy" that "You can't talk someone out of a nutrient deficiency."


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          I have both anxiety with panic attacks and depression. Since starting primal, my 'mood' has been much improved! More energy, more desire to be active. However, I still have horrible problems with anxiety, and in fact, I've had more panic attacks in the last month than in the last year.

          Granted, I have LOTS of environmental stressors both at home and at work. I am hoping that once the acute anxiety is managed my 'mood' will be better all around.


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            Also, see this site:

            Institute for Food, Brain and Behaviour


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              Anyone know of any research going on the US in this field? I am absolutely fascinated by this topic. I have been thinking of switching the focus of my research to something related to this area. I recently read that suicides now kill more americans than car accidents. We are doing something very, very wrong in this country in regard to mental health.
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                Yeah. For example, there's someone at the University of Maryland - Dr. Broadhurst - working on brain chemistry. Jack Kruse tweeted a link to a page with a couple of videos from her a day or two back. Those videos are worth seeing both for what they tell us about our past (and what's been missed about it till recently) and for what they tell us about our brains' continuing needs.

                If you'd like to see them and can't locate the link, let me know and I'll get it and post it for you.


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                  Here 'tis:

                  VIDEOS: Global experts present the latests facts on seafood & health : Seafood Services Australia